June 17, 2015

Dear Mom,
How far did Dad go down the mountain? (Jeffrey had a mountain bike crash–no serious injuries.)
The food is Great!  We had a really good chef here for a while, he’s going on holiday though.   My P day is Wednesday in the MTC. I haven’t unpacked all of my suit case but I have everything I need. I haven’t really spent any money yet and Spencer’s Satchel is really great.   A lot of people have asked me about it and couldn’t believe my brother made it. Today we went to the store and I forgot to make a list of what I need, so when I got there I forgot that I needed to get colored pencils, oh well I have been borrowing peoples and their ok with it. Everything is just slightly different here not anything majorly different besides the cars– which are tiny and just look odd.
     I will E-mail you again in a week. If you want to send this letter to Emily and Spencer and Journey that would be good and anyone else that wants to see it that would be ok, same goes for the all my letters unless I ask you not to if that’s ok.  Anyone can mail me but for now only family with the E-mail I think.
Love you all,
Elder Maughan

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