June 17, 2015

Dear Mom,
All is going well, my companion is a good person and he’s fun.   He is from Brazil and he already knows a lot of English and we get along well. We study a lot of the teaching material but that’s not as important as getting down how to build the investigator’s relationship with the Lord.   We are being taught to invite people to pray about some problem in their lives or question in their life, then after they do this and receive and answer they can start to be taught doctrine and then know that it’s true through prayer.
       Physically and mentally I’m ok– a little tired on both ends but they taught us yesterday to expect to be tired for the first little while. I felt well prepared. I now have changed they way I even think about teaching, it is completely different from how I thought it would be but in a good way. I feel like I’m learning it at the pace they want me to. I am working hard to understand it all, but don’t worry I’m doing great.
      We do these practice teachings where our teacher will go into a room that looks like a living room and he’ll play the part of an investigator, and we have to start teaching him. We did this on my second day here, all of the lessons we teach are stuff I already know so its easy to learn how to teach it but its hard to make investigators interested. We have to get them be in a relationship of prayer with God to know stuff. So, the only thing we need to really making them know and feel is important is prayer. Lets just say that the way they teach around here is to first throw us in the deep end with no instructions, then give us a few hints and throw us back in, then they finally teach us and we make the connections so that we can finally swim. I’ts hard the first few times but when they finally tell us what we are missing, it seems really obvious and easy.
I will e-mail you later to day Love you
Elder Maughan

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