July 20, 2015


It’s great to here from you each week.   Thank you for keeping me up to date on the happenings in our little town. Tell everyone I said hi and that I’m doing great.

I have taken some pictures, and I will send you some.  I keep forgetting the cord so I can’t send you them now. Some of the pictures I have taken are interesting like, The Iron Man sculptures (which are these sculptures made of iron that a guy placed all over the beeches here), some of the compact housing, a box of Jaffa cakes and some less interesting pictures of our apartment. The apartment is not bad, just as long as you don’t drink the water from the tap, but we aren’t in there for too long so..  Elder Falpula has said that he has had a lot smaller apartments–really in comparison this apartment is luxurious. Me and Elder Fulpula get along great, we divide the work evenly and pay for half the groceries each, he’s good at getting people to stop on the street.
Everything here is slightly different, Most of the houses are split in two or even fourths and so housing is really small here. I have only seen one public toilet so far.  The other elders say they are few and far between. There are diffrent ways to say things like cheers=thanks ta = thanks tra = bye. Really everything is just slightly different, even this key board. But the food has been exactly the same, just slightly different.
Anyway love you, all I will get the pictures to you soon!
From Elder Maughan

July 20, 2015


Tell Connor and Caleb (friends that received their Eagle Award) congrats for me. And tell the Frandsens that i said Hi!  I know you and Mom can keep yourselves busy and have fun. I’m glad your adjusting. Yeah, the discussions I have are  interesting. I saw this one lady three days in a row, she told me that she would get a comforting feeling when ever she reads the Book of Mormon, but she still won’t have us visit her.  I keep trying to explain to her that that is the Spirit but we will see. We buy our food each week on Monday, it usually comes out to 20 pounds which we split the cost, and we get a monthly bus pass.  The buses take forever though, but there is nothing you can do about that. I get many opportunities to teach. I have taught many people on the train, more people then i can remember, probably about 20 so far on the train and almost all of them take a Book of Mormon. Our Zone is the only area that gives out too many Books of Mormon! People really do want to read it, but most of the time Satan keeps them from reading it. I will run into people all the time that say they already have a book, but haven’t read it yet.
Thank you Dad for  being a great example.
From Elder Maughan

July 27, 2015

You Need to stop falling off cliffs.


Yeah,  my companion is a good Elder. Like Dave told me in one of his emails,  I need to pick up all of his good habits and leave out any bad ones. He and I get along well though. Tell Levi and the guys that I miss them and that a mission is hard, but that we do hard things and once we decide to do what the Lord asks of us we don’t need to fear, just as long as we try our hardest that’s all God asks of us.

I have tried to pray for you and mom every day and I’m glad to hear that those prayers are being answered.
We have a few new investigators, we have one lady from Latvia.  She has already had all the lessons and I think she might decide to be baptized soon. Hopefully. Tell Connor I think singing “God save the King” would be fun. (Our youth chorister wanted to sing “God Save the King” because Jacob is in England.)
Love you Dad!

July 27, 2015


I am so great full that you and Dad are OK!  I’m suppose to be the one writing out scary stuff!!! (Jeffrey rolled with a 4-wheeler but saved me, himself and the wheeler from harm.) I just want you to know that being on the mission has given me a much greater appreciation for both of you. You are amazing parents and i don’t want you dying any time soon, so tell Dad to stop driving off cliffs.
 Anyway we went on our historical tour so i actually have some good pictures to send.
Arr, the email won’t let me send pictures…
Here i will sent you two pics–tha’ts all it will let me send.

​This is an area where many of the early Saints were baptized. It’s a pond but a pretty area, I took a lot of pictures but it won’t let me send any. I will figure it out.

​Here is the Preston Temple. It’s an amazing temple. I’m sorry that I haven’t written much this week.  I waited 40 minutes while it uploaded the pictures, then when it finally uploaded, it told me that I couldn’t send them, so I didn’t get much time to write. I will try writing later today or do extra next week. Tell Spencer I said HI and that I hope his chain doesn’t come of this week. And tell Emily that I wish her luck at the family reunion.
Love you all
From Elder Maughan

July 13, 2015


I’m sorry this will be a short email, I’m running low on time. You have been, and still are, a great inspiration for me thank you.
 Spencer loves that RAV hope its not a big fix.  (Spencer is having some car repairs done.)
 I have been trying my hardest, and it’s not hard for me to love the people, even though their humor is a bit off. And I can always work harder to be obedient–I am trying hard though.
  My spiritual experience is something i would like to say in person, just know that it was a strong witness and has left me with no room to question whether the Book of Mormon is true. I know it’s true and I am so grateful for this experience, it came with a lot of prayer.
Love you,
From Elder Maughan
P.S. Tell Spencer I’m excited to see how good he gets at bike racing when I get back.

Dear Mom and Dad and everyone else,

This week has gone by in the blink of an eye. This last week we did a lot of street displays, we were in St. Hellen’s in their town center. It went really well. I saw a lot of Jehovah Witnesses. They make people not want to talk with us because they are so aggressive with their teaching, and they copy us–they’ve started to wear name tags. Its frustrating, but love thy enemy right? Anyway, I got to talk to many people during this display. One person that really stood out was this old guy who we stopped and taught a little.   He said that he use to be gay but that he always knew that it was wrong and he said he never really found happiness in it.   He says that now he is trying to get into heaven. I told him that life is really all about realizing our short comings and mistakes and that as we change ourselves and become more like our Savior we can be forgiven. He took a Book of Mormon and said he would read it everyday and would look for missionaries again. He also said he felt like a weight was lifted off of him. I hope he finds his way back to us so we can teach him the fullness of the gospel. It really showed me though how just by talking to these people and not even having to baptize them we can bring them closer to God.
I did go to the Preston Temple it was great. If we exercise every day for two months our mission President said we could go again. I have been taking care of my shoes. It’s starting to rain more often so I am trying to use the mink oil .
Our recent convert is doing well. We only taught her one lesson, the Word of Wisdom, and she completely accepted it. She had tea everyday but she stopped and we baptized her this last Saturday. One of the previous missionaries did the baptism, and one of the members did the confirmation and Gift of the Holy Ghost although I was in the circle. Funny thing, they have a really old font here so we had no clue how to get the hot water to go through it, so it was really cold. Oh well, like a river baptism I guess.
Their are so many people here who’s personal beliefs line up with our beliefs, but they will say ‘Oh I’m Catholic ‘  and I usually say something like ‘ Are you a practicing Catholic?’ and they’ll say ‘Once or twice a year I’ll go’ and then I will reply along the lines of ‘So why did you join the Catholic Church?  Did you get a witness or pray about it?’ and they will say ‘ Well I went to Catholic school or I don’t know’ and then I will try to say ‘ Wel,l we believe that you can gain more faith through asking God in prayer what is true ‘ and I will then tell them how I read the Book of Mormon and prayed to know if it was true, and thankfully i have, and I have gained that witness of the book so I can tell them that I know that it is true.
 Of course I run into some really odd people, and most of the time they just swear at us and go on their way, but sometimes they try to Bible bash or they have some crazy beliefs like this Gypsey guy we ran into, he tried to Bible bash but could only talk about the gift of tongues and how he received it in their church and they all started to talk in different languages. Yeah, lots of different ideas here.
Anyway,  there are some of the stories that happened this week.   It was a very good week. And i will email you all again.
From Elder Maughan

July 6, 2015

Dear Mom,

The streets are crazy here, even the locals don’t know where to go most of the time. Thank goodness for GPS and maps.

 Liverpool is a little less diverse, although when we go to Liverpool City Center you see a lot of different people.
 I hope the church doesn’t start getting backlash over the Supreme Court decision and our stand on temple marriage. We aren’t suppose to talk about politics but .. here we go… England has a  Liberal ideology. There are a lot of different things like cameras on everywhere and crime is bad–but not something I’ve witnessed first hand.  One example,  you have to pay to get the BBC here even if you don’t want it.  Some people here have kids at 14,  its kind of disturbing but the people are just doing what their parents did.
Anyway,  I am doing great i haven’t been sick at all yet.   My companion has hay fever really bad though. The Temple Pageant isn’t this year, it’s next year, so hopefully i can help them with it then.
The people here really are very kind. They don’t want to talk about religion but if you ask for directions they’re more than happy to help you. I have seen alot of Jehovah Witnesses, a couple tried to bash with us but the missionaries talking with them would just bear their testimonies and there is nothing the Witnesses could say. When we talk with them about receiving a witness it seems like it’s a concept which they don’t know about– to pray to know what the truth is. It’s the greatest tool that we share with people. Pray to know if God is really there, pray about the Book of Mormon after you have read it.
Glad you are doing well and thank you Mom for all the news on how the family is doing.
Love you all.
Elder Maughan
Dear Dad,
I have been praying for all of you back home too. Yeah,  the walking is not a lot but we have to walk fast to get to places on time, my legs are already starting to adjust to it. The humidity is not been very bad actually. There has only been one day where the humidity was killing me, but most of the time its been really mild. The food is great here, so far anyways, we ate with a few members they are very nice people, but their humor is really crazy, British people are crazy in general, but I have already grown to love them.  Their humor is very sarcastic and because of the accent I can’t tell if they’re being sarcastic or not.  It gives me a small heart attack until they say it was just a joke…. anyway the people here are funny and the members’ testimonies were inspiring on Sunday.

    The police here don’t carry guns or batons anymore. They only carry pepper-spray and about half the police I have seen are women. Crime does seem to be a bit of a problem here. The have cc-tv cameras on every corner though. It’s different, but if it works for them…
 The people here are good. One guy was out side working in his lawn (which for most people here their lawns are about 5 yards by 5 yards) and he talked to me about how no one here has much of a work ethic how he is tired of paying so much tax for other people. So some people here don’t like the way things are.
Its amazing how the gospel changes peoples lives here. Most people here smoke 24/7 and can’t seem to stop. Many of the members here talk about how the gospel helped them overcome that addiction. The people of England need the gospel more than most because they are good people that will always help you with directions and tell you the time, but they need a moral compass.
I am doing great, I have received some great spiritual growth this week and i am look forward to one of our investigator’s baptism this week. She has basically taught herself the gospel so she is solid and ready for baptism.   Can’t wait to tell you how it goes.
Love you all,
 from Elder Maughan

June 29, 2015


Thank you for the great emails, I’ve had a good first week. I haven’t had any trouble talking to people about the gospel which is nice since that’s what I was worried about the most. My Trainer Companion is good, we are trying to learn this area. We were white washed in, which means neither of us have had this area before. It was hard the first few days because we didn’t even have a map. And the roads here are crazy.  When we finally got a map, the roads looked like scribbles going everywhere, not one straight road in this whole country. But we are doing a lot better now with navigation. We spent most of Sunday just going around trying to find our investigators. We don’t have a car or bike so we walk really fast and ride the bus and the train.
I have been getting more than enough to eat. The members here are good. We met the bishop and I bore my testimony this Sunday. There are probably 70 members here. They are nice. The member we had dinner with on Sunday was very open in talking with us. He told us everything about himself, literally, and his sarcasm–I had a hard time figuring out if he was being sarcastic or serious about some things because their accents are odd here.
Anyway, so far so good and after this email I’m going to go with my companion to learn the area and check out the city center ( or downtown) of Liverpool.
Till next letter,
Elder Maughan