July 6, 2015

Dear Mom,

The streets are crazy here, even the locals don’t know where to go most of the time. Thank goodness for GPS and maps.

 Liverpool is a little less diverse, although when we go to Liverpool City Center you see a lot of different people.
 I hope the church doesn’t start getting backlash over the Supreme Court decision and our stand on temple marriage. We aren’t suppose to talk about politics but .. here we go… England has a  Liberal ideology. There are a lot of different things like cameras on everywhere and crime is bad–but not something I’ve witnessed first hand.  One example,  you have to pay to get the BBC here even if you don’t want it.  Some people here have kids at 14,  its kind of disturbing but the people are just doing what their parents did.
Anyway,  I am doing great i haven’t been sick at all yet.   My companion has hay fever really bad though. The Temple Pageant isn’t this year, it’s next year, so hopefully i can help them with it then.
The people here really are very kind. They don’t want to talk about religion but if you ask for directions they’re more than happy to help you. I have seen alot of Jehovah Witnesses, a couple tried to bash with us but the missionaries talking with them would just bear their testimonies and there is nothing the Witnesses could say. When we talk with them about receiving a witness it seems like it’s a concept which they don’t know about– to pray to know what the truth is. It’s the greatest tool that we share with people. Pray to know if God is really there, pray about the Book of Mormon after you have read it.
Glad you are doing well and thank you Mom for all the news on how the family is doing.
Love you all.
Elder Maughan
Dear Dad,
I have been praying for all of you back home too. Yeah,  the walking is not a lot but we have to walk fast to get to places on time, my legs are already starting to adjust to it. The humidity is not been very bad actually. There has only been one day where the humidity was killing me, but most of the time its been really mild. The food is great here, so far anyways, we ate with a few members they are very nice people, but their humor is really crazy, British people are crazy in general, but I have already grown to love them.  Their humor is very sarcastic and because of the accent I can’t tell if they’re being sarcastic or not.  It gives me a small heart attack until they say it was just a joke…. anyway the people here are funny and the members’ testimonies were inspiring on Sunday.

    The police here don’t carry guns or batons anymore. They only carry pepper-spray and about half the police I have seen are women. Crime does seem to be a bit of a problem here. The have cc-tv cameras on every corner though. It’s different, but if it works for them…
 The people here are good. One guy was out side working in his lawn (which for most people here their lawns are about 5 yards by 5 yards) and he talked to me about how no one here has much of a work ethic how he is tired of paying so much tax for other people. So some people here don’t like the way things are.
Its amazing how the gospel changes peoples lives here. Most people here smoke 24/7 and can’t seem to stop. Many of the members here talk about how the gospel helped them overcome that addiction. The people of England need the gospel more than most because they are good people that will always help you with directions and tell you the time, but they need a moral compass.
I am doing great, I have received some great spiritual growth this week and i am look forward to one of our investigator’s baptism this week. She has basically taught herself the gospel so she is solid and ready for baptism.   Can’t wait to tell you how it goes.
Love you all,
 from Elder Maughan

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