July 20, 2015


It’s great to here from you each week.   Thank you for keeping me up to date on the happenings in our little town. Tell everyone I said hi and that I’m doing great.

I have taken some pictures, and I will send you some.  I keep forgetting the cord so I can’t send you them now. Some of the pictures I have taken are interesting like, The Iron Man sculptures (which are these sculptures made of iron that a guy placed all over the beeches here), some of the compact housing, a box of Jaffa cakes and some less interesting pictures of our apartment. The apartment is not bad, just as long as you don’t drink the water from the tap, but we aren’t in there for too long so..  Elder Falpula has said that he has had a lot smaller apartments–really in comparison this apartment is luxurious. Me and Elder Fulpula get along great, we divide the work evenly and pay for half the groceries each, he’s good at getting people to stop on the street.
Everything here is slightly different, Most of the houses are split in two or even fourths and so housing is really small here. I have only seen one public toilet so far.  The other elders say they are few and far between. There are diffrent ways to say things like cheers=thanks ta = thanks tra = bye. Really everything is just slightly different, even this key board. But the food has been exactly the same, just slightly different.
Anyway love you, all I will get the pictures to you soon!
From Elder Maughan

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