July 20, 2015


Tell Connor and Caleb (friends that received their Eagle Award) congrats for me. And tell the Frandsens that i said Hi!  I know you and Mom can keep yourselves busy and have fun. I’m glad your adjusting. Yeah, the discussions I have are  interesting. I saw this one lady three days in a row, she told me that she would get a comforting feeling when ever she reads the Book of Mormon, but she still won’t have us visit her.  I keep trying to explain to her that that is the Spirit but we will see. We buy our food each week on Monday, it usually comes out to 20 pounds which we split the cost, and we get a monthly bus pass.  The buses take forever though, but there is nothing you can do about that. I get many opportunities to teach. I have taught many people on the train, more people then i can remember, probably about 20 so far on the train and almost all of them take a Book of Mormon. Our Zone is the only area that gives out too many Books of Mormon! People really do want to read it, but most of the time Satan keeps them from reading it. I will run into people all the time that say they already have a book, but haven’t read it yet.
Thank you Dad for  being a great example.
From Elder Maughan

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