July 27, 2015


I am so great full that you and Dad are OK!  I’m suppose to be the one writing out scary stuff!!! (Jeffrey rolled with a 4-wheeler but saved me, himself and the wheeler from harm.) I just want you to know that being on the mission has given me a much greater appreciation for both of you. You are amazing parents and i don’t want you dying any time soon, so tell Dad to stop driving off cliffs.
 Anyway we went on our historical tour so i actually have some good pictures to send.
Arr, the email won’t let me send pictures…
Here i will sent you two pics–tha’ts all it will let me send.

​This is an area where many of the early Saints were baptized. It’s a pond but a pretty area, I took a lot of pictures but it won’t let me send any. I will figure it out.

​Here is the Preston Temple. It’s an amazing temple. I’m sorry that I haven’t written much this week.  I waited 40 minutes while it uploaded the pictures, then when it finally uploaded, it told me that I couldn’t send them, so I didn’t get much time to write. I will try writing later today or do extra next week. Tell Spencer I said HI and that I hope his chain doesn’t come of this week. And tell Emily that I wish her luck at the family reunion.
Love you all
From Elder Maughan

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