August 23, 2015


I am doing good and I am enjoying my mission. it’s a lot of hard work and I always go to bed quickly because of how tired I get. Everyone talks about how at one time you will feel like going home in the first three months, I thankfully haven’t felt that way. It’s amazing how fast it is already going, it’s like my first area didn’t even happen. I haven’t had any headaches which is a miracle and a blessing. And my spirit wavers but never falls.
 I’m sorry that I don’t email back and forth with you, but it’s a bran new rule that they came up with, which is no emailing back and forth.
Thank you for writing me again! This week I kept a journal but I am emailing off a computer so I can’t get it off my Ipad, so I will just tell you what happened this week.
We found a nice family that want us to teach them and they have had missionaries over before. The only reason why they haven’t gotten baptized was because of the husband’s smoking addiction. Which sadly, is the reason why we where recently dropped by Harry and Sue. Sue didn’t smoke or drink, but Harry did, and I think it offended him, when we taught the Word of Wisdom, which is sad because he had told us that he got a witness of the Book of Mormon and that he believed in the Restoration. But he won’t give up his smoking. It’s saddly a common theme here, people know what we say is the truth, but aren’t willing to change.
    All I can do is hope that when we stop by his house later this week he will have changed his mind.
We are working with a lot of less actives. We got two to start coming back to church and we are working with two others. I bet that next week we will have all four of them coming back to church.
There are about 50 very active members in this ward and they have over 500 less actives. Every street display we run into less actives and excommunicated members, and active members. We are doing a lot of re-activation and it’s starting to work. Most members that aren’t active are not active because of how far away from the church they are and most people don’t own cars here and the buses are really bad. These members, to go to church, would have to take a two hour bus ride, when if you drove straight to the church it wouldn’t take more then 30 mins– that’s how bad the buses are. So we are taking the church to them.
Love you all
From Elder Maughan


The food is actually pretty good. More vegetables, but I like how they cook them. And potatos are usually the main thing. We share responsibilities cooking, one day I will cook and the next day he will cook usually. We have washers and dryers, they don’t always work the best but it’s better than hand washing. The neighborhood where our flat is at is very posh(rich) so we feel pretty safe since our neighbors  have better stuff to steal. The English love their dogs, almost everyone has a dog here and they have so many different breeds too, but people often don’t pick up after their dogs so you have to be really careful when walking, even on the sidewalk. We get up at 6:20am and we go to bed at 10:00 to 10:30pm which is usually more around10:30. I often feel that I need more sleep, but I am still able to work hard. Thanks for emailing me. I am surpised about the forest fires since it has been such a wet year for you. Tell Meghan congrats for me, I’m sure BYU-I will be fun.
Love you tons Dad
From Elder Maughan

August 17, 2015


I love you and dad and I love your weekly letters. I am glad that you liked my journal entries. I am not very good at typing a whole lot at once so they really help. Also, a week goes by so fast I can’t remember most of it.
  I invited a couple to baptism this week after teaching them the Restoration.  They are both in their 70’s.The husband said yes (his name is Harry) the wife ( believes what we taught her) she just needs to hear the rest of the lessons. They are the couple mentioned in my journal.

Here is my weekly journal…..

August, 8, 2015
Today we did “12 weeks” in the morning. Then we did our solo street display in Blackpool. It went well. We ran into an Italian man who lived in America for most of his life, he was interested and gave us his number. Then I ran into a man named Emag, he was very curious and wanted to learn more, he actually let me talk which was odd, no one ever lets me actually teach a full lesson. It was so successful, we got four investigators. Then we went looking for FI–they have all moved.

August 10 2015
Today was my first p-day in Blackpool, shopping here was more expensive. I think we got enough food for two weeks though. Karina and Paul dropped us today. Me and Elder Fernandez refused to let that get us down, we decided to get two more investigators that minute. So we went out street contacting and tracking, the first person we met we were directed to say just the right things. Then after tracking a few rough doors, an older gentleman man opened his door, he said that he was very religious and that he and his wife were in a lot of pain from traveling. Elder Fernandez offered a blessing and he said he would like one. We gave each of them a blessing and you could feel the Spirit. We asked if we could come back he said that it would be wonderful to have use back, and on our way out the door he commented on how that was the strongest he’s felt the Spirit. Great day the Lord blessed us with 3 PI’s, I can’t express how grateful I am to the Lord for that experience.

August 11 2015
Making our way to the first district meeting….We got up at 6:30am today and showered fast, and got ready to ride our bikes to the train station for district meeting. After a 30 min bike ride we got to the station. Then we rode the train to Preston Station, Virgins Trains told us that we couldn’t put our bikes on the train without making reservations. So we waited 30 minutes for a non-Virgins Train. We got back and used our lunch break to get a hair cut, we needed it. We then did some tracting then when to our dinner appointment and we did “Twelve weeks”, a very uneventful day. Hopefully tomorrow will be better.
‘In this age, we find ourself out of line, with need for a greater guide tho we will not find this guide in men, but in God.’ Quote from someone.

August 12 2015
Today we did a street display from twelve to four. The beginning was great. But then was a bit slow. There were a few semi-bashers. The man I was talking to had a belief in the Bible while also thinking it was false. He believes that God is just information and just not any shape or form. It was hard to teach him because I used the Bible as a reference for him at first, but he said that he only believes in the gospel of John, so I couldn’t teach him cause he already “knew everything”. Besides that the street display went perfectly. I just need to know when the person isn’t teachable. Then we had a tea appointment then “12 weeks”.

August 13 2015
I am grateful for the life I have and have had, if the rest of my life was misery I would still praise God everyday for what I have been given. Today was very normal day. Except we ran into a man who was an investigator, now hates God for taking away his son. He supposes that he will just repent a few minutes before he dies and be forgiven. I didn’t have the heart to say ‘that can’t work because you haven’t truly changed if you knowingly try to fool God’. I told him that his child is in the Celestial Kingdom, but I needed to tell him more. You can never be too bold but you can be insensitive, I guess that’s why we need charity.

August 14 2015
Today we fixed the area books. We found that almost no work has been done in South Blackpool. So we went down to southern Blackpool just to look for a few FI’S. We ended up not finding any of our FI’S. We stopped a lady on the street and just asked her plainly if she wanted to learn more, and she said yes, so she told us her address and made an appointment for tomorrow.

August 15 2015
We got a commitment to baptism today! The older couple that we gave a blessing to want to get baptised. The husband is for sure getting baptised, the wife will probably get baptised. Brother McLucas is a brilliant member of our ward, he was the first member to come out to our street display today, and he’s gone to all of our member missionary lessons, he’s amazing. A really good day!

August 16 2015
Today was Sunday, this Sunday centred around missionary work. The stake mission leader came and gave a great talk, and we had a meeting with him where he explained a big change that is going to happen that will effect the entire church (in England at least). It will make missionary work easier and will make church more community oriented, anyway that’s all I can say about that for now, I liked what I heard in the meeting, and I think we will see some great things come from it.

There’s the journal. Sorry for any mistakes, unfortunately I make an a lot of them.

I love you all. Sorry I couldn’t write all of you this week, I will email all of you next week.

Mom, I love you and I am glad you and dad are having fun.

Elder Maughan

August 10, 2015


I love you so much. The mission has help me understand how much you
have done for me.

I have started keeping a journal on my iPad so I will start to send
that to you from now on. The journal doesn’t have half the stuff that
I actually do, but it’s just the stuff that stands out for whatever

August, 3, 2015
We went to Kate and Andy’s for service but they were all asleep. I am
still a little surprised about my transfer(the Blackpool area is a seaside resort). I set up my iPad today and
then we went and played basket ball at Liverpool. Now we are in
District Weekly Focus, elder Carpentier just gave us a quote from
Elder Bernar:  “If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always
get what you always got.”

August, 4, 2015
An alright day, my last day in Crosby. I can’t believe that two months
have already gone by. I hope I can adjust fast to Blackpool. I am
going to go finish my packing. I’m done packing. I will pray for
strength tomorrow, most likely I will be traveling a lot. Today was
odd–I didn’t talk to anyone except Susan Smith our investigator, and
all we did for her was service. In my next area I will talk as often
as can.

August, 5, 2015
Today we had transfers. I got to meet Elder Fernandez, he’s great, and
Blackpool is nice. We get along well. We want to get more street
displays going.

August, 6, 2015
Started a new work out, I don’t have the same weights. The shower at
this flat is great! The first real shower I’ve had in a while. We
meet a new investigator, his name is Tommy, he’s had missionaries
before. He is golden. We then planned for the week and had a big lunch.
We went to a dinner appointment but they forgot and then we did family
history hour, I enjoyed that. And then we came back to the flat.
Travel kills to much time here.

August, 7, 2015
Today I found the bike pump so we pumped up the tires and went looking
for FI’s(Former Investigators). We contacted Angela Bishop, she said that she was too
embarrassed of the state of her house to let us in, which was an
excuse. I don’t know if I should push harder with those people or not.
From now on I am always going to be bold, unless the Spirit says other
wise. We are now at the back doctor. My companion has a back problem.
We got back to Blackpool and a women yelled ‘missionaries’ and she
came running up to us. She had just moved into Blackpool and wanted to
know where the church was, so we told her and she’s coming this
Sunday. Then we taught a lesson at Karrien’s and I gave my first blessing,
I could feel the Spirit guide me. Travel really limits us here though
it’s such a large area for just two missionaries. (144,000+)

August, 8, 2015 Today we did “12 weeks” in the morning. Then we did our
solo street display in Blackpool, it went well. We ran into an
Italian man who lived in America for most of his life, he was
interested and gave us his number. Then I ran into a man named Emag,
he was very curious and wanted to learn more. He actually let me talk
which was odd, no one ever lets me actually teach a full lesson. It
was so successful, we got four investigators. Then we went looking for
FI–they have all moved.

So that’s just some of the stuff, hope you enjoy a longer email, I
will try to always keep this journal going.

We don’t live in Blackpool City, we live in a place called
Thornton. Buses here are bad, they sometimes don’t even show up, and
they are never on time. That’s why when I got here we started using
the bikes.
It’s only me and Elder Fernandez in this huge area that includes all
the area surrounding Blackpool, it’s one of the biggest areas and we
are the only missionaries in it.   We sure could use some help from our district.

They don’t like street displays but me
and Elder Fernandez can hold our own.

Love you tons,
from Elder Maughan


It’s always great to hear from both you and Mom.

I do have a debit card that holds my 125£ for the month. I am
alright money wise right now, I will let you know if I start running
low. I get dinners at members twice a week usually or more. I have done a lot
of cooking at my flat, it really makes me appreciate what Mom does, I
cook mostly pasta with some meat and cheese in it, since it’s easy. I
am planning on getting a British cookbook when I find a good one, but
till then it will be pasta and chicken, and sometimes burgers.
The new area is great, I’m literally in Sodom!  This week was
Punk Week in Blackpool, during the week me and my companion set up a street display. I
got to talk to a few of them, they wanted me to go and get a beer with
them. After I taught them a little I told them about the Word of
Wisdom, which blew their minds, they would have made interesting
investigators but they where only in Blackpool for Punk Week. Next
week is Gay Pride Week, they have a parade and lots of drinking. I am
happy though, knowing that I am on the front lines literally preaching
the Gospel in the middle of those who need it most.
I try to share my testimony at the end of every lesson, doesn’t
always happen though. Fish and chips are great here– you would love
them! The ward is good we have a lot of less actives, we are working
with them and having a lot of success, two less actives showed up this
week because of it. I have had a Zone Conference in Liverpool, it was
good and I got some nice tips from it, like to bear our testimonies
often. It’s always fun to be with a big group of missionaries, we get
a little bit loud but it’s always fun.

Lava sounded like fun, it is a bit strange not to be going to school.
And summer has gone by so fast.

Well, I love you and I hope I gave you some good answers, just keep
emailing me and I will always try my hardest to email you back.

Elder Maughan

August 3, 2015


Hey, I have some big news. They’re moving me to Blackpool, the same
area President Gordon B. Hinkley was, and where the first missionary’s
landed in England. So the area is really hard, not much success and
one of elders has gotten depressed. So, they’re sending him to Crosby and
Elder Fulpula is staying in Crosby (with him).  So, I’ll have a new companion
in Blackpool. I’m pretty excited about it.

Thank you for praying for me. I pray for all of you back home. I don’t
know how I will get you the photos but I will ask around for approved
ways. Many missionaries ignore what they see as small rules which makes
it harder for those of us that are trying to keep the rules.

We went in a huge group of like 60 missionaries to the historical tour ,it was great–we
got a lot of odd looks. I took a picture at each place we stopped so I
can remember the tour.
I don’t feel bold but I try to be bold. Especially with the
Atheists, they will walk up to me and will say ” I’m a hardcore
Atheist.”  They do that to try and scare me and I just reply “We
respect all beliefs, but can I ask why are you an Atheist?” And they
will almost always reply ” Because God isn’t logical, or science has
disproved God” and I will just say “how?” and they will either not
have an answer or they will say “Big Bang Theory” and I will just say
“What caused the Big Bang?”  And at that point they won’t have a real
answer so then I’ll say “Personally, I’ve found that no scientific
proof can prove or disprove any of my beliefs, the only way that we
can know is to humble ourselves and ask God.”  Then I will ask them “Have
you ever prayed and asked Heavenly Father if he is there?” And they
will always say “no” and I’ll tell them “That’s the only way you can
know.”  Then from there they are either really interested, or they run
off. That’s how it usually goes with Atheists, they’re usually nicer
then some of the “religious people”.

Oh yeah, I got an iPad now. So it’s a lot slower to email. But I will
get use to it eventually.

And I will probably send you another email answering your questions in
the email. And thank you for the news from home, a lot of missionaries
don’t get mail, so thank you again.

Love you,

Elder Maughan


Liverpool is great, the elders here are nice. People here are nice for
the most part, we always get at least one person that shouts at us. But that
would happen anywhere, we just ignore them until they walk away. The
fish and chips shops are on every corner, and usually we don’t get
the fish and chips. I usually just get the burgers cause there cheap,
but not as good as home. We don’t eat out often. I get along really
well with the district leader Elder Carpentier, he’s from France and
his companion Elder Dimontino, who’s from Italy. They’re both great, and
they live just down the road from us.
Thanks for all the news from home. I’m using the iPad they just
gave me to email you so I’m not very fast. I can now use notepad and
start writing emails Sunday during lunch and dinner so hope fully I
can get more in my email, cause I never have enough time.

Wishing you the best,
From Elder Maughan