August 3, 2015


Hey, I have some big news. They’re moving me to Blackpool, the same
area President Gordon B. Hinkley was, and where the first missionary’s
landed in England. So the area is really hard, not much success and
one of elders has gotten depressed. So, they’re sending him to Crosby and
Elder Fulpula is staying in Crosby (with him).  So, I’ll have a new companion
in Blackpool. I’m pretty excited about it.

Thank you for praying for me. I pray for all of you back home. I don’t
know how I will get you the photos but I will ask around for approved
ways. Many missionaries ignore what they see as small rules which makes
it harder for those of us that are trying to keep the rules.

We went in a huge group of like 60 missionaries to the historical tour ,it was great–we
got a lot of odd looks. I took a picture at each place we stopped so I
can remember the tour.
I don’t feel bold but I try to be bold. Especially with the
Atheists, they will walk up to me and will say ” I’m a hardcore
Atheist.”  They do that to try and scare me and I just reply “We
respect all beliefs, but can I ask why are you an Atheist?” And they
will almost always reply ” Because God isn’t logical, or science has
disproved God” and I will just say “how?” and they will either not
have an answer or they will say “Big Bang Theory” and I will just say
“What caused the Big Bang?”  And at that point they won’t have a real
answer so then I’ll say “Personally, I’ve found that no scientific
proof can prove or disprove any of my beliefs, the only way that we
can know is to humble ourselves and ask God.”  Then I will ask them “Have
you ever prayed and asked Heavenly Father if he is there?” And they
will always say “no” and I’ll tell them “That’s the only way you can
know.”  Then from there they are either really interested, or they run
off. That’s how it usually goes with Atheists, they’re usually nicer
then some of the “religious people”.

Oh yeah, I got an iPad now. So it’s a lot slower to email. But I will
get use to it eventually.

And I will probably send you another email answering your questions in
the email. And thank you for the news from home, a lot of missionaries
don’t get mail, so thank you again.

Love you,

Elder Maughan


Liverpool is great, the elders here are nice. People here are nice for
the most part, we always get at least one person that shouts at us. But that
would happen anywhere, we just ignore them until they walk away. The
fish and chips shops are on every corner, and usually we don’t get
the fish and chips. I usually just get the burgers cause there cheap,
but not as good as home. We don’t eat out often. I get along really
well with the district leader Elder Carpentier, he’s from France and
his companion Elder Dimontino, who’s from Italy. They’re both great, and
they live just down the road from us.
Thanks for all the news from home. I’m using the iPad they just
gave me to email you so I’m not very fast. I can now use notepad and
start writing emails Sunday during lunch and dinner so hope fully I
can get more in my email, cause I never have enough time.

Wishing you the best,
From Elder Maughan


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