August 10, 2015


I love you so much. The mission has help me understand how much you
have done for me.

I have started keeping a journal on my iPad so I will start to send
that to you from now on. The journal doesn’t have half the stuff that
I actually do, but it’s just the stuff that stands out for whatever

August, 3, 2015
We went to Kate and Andy’s for service but they were all asleep. I am
still a little surprised about my transfer(the Blackpool area is a seaside resort). I set up my iPad today and
then we went and played basket ball at Liverpool. Now we are in
District Weekly Focus, elder Carpentier just gave us a quote from
Elder Bernar:  “If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always
get what you always got.”

August, 4, 2015
An alright day, my last day in Crosby. I can’t believe that two months
have already gone by. I hope I can adjust fast to Blackpool. I am
going to go finish my packing. I’m done packing. I will pray for
strength tomorrow, most likely I will be traveling a lot. Today was
odd–I didn’t talk to anyone except Susan Smith our investigator, and
all we did for her was service. In my next area I will talk as often
as can.

August, 5, 2015
Today we had transfers. I got to meet Elder Fernandez, he’s great, and
Blackpool is nice. We get along well. We want to get more street
displays going.

August, 6, 2015
Started a new work out, I don’t have the same weights. The shower at
this flat is great! The first real shower I’ve had in a while. We
meet a new investigator, his name is Tommy, he’s had missionaries
before. He is golden. We then planned for the week and had a big lunch.
We went to a dinner appointment but they forgot and then we did family
history hour, I enjoyed that. And then we came back to the flat.
Travel kills to much time here.

August, 7, 2015
Today I found the bike pump so we pumped up the tires and went looking
for FI’s(Former Investigators). We contacted Angela Bishop, she said that she was too
embarrassed of the state of her house to let us in, which was an
excuse. I don’t know if I should push harder with those people or not.
From now on I am always going to be bold, unless the Spirit says other
wise. We are now at the back doctor. My companion has a back problem.
We got back to Blackpool and a women yelled ‘missionaries’ and she
came running up to us. She had just moved into Blackpool and wanted to
know where the church was, so we told her and she’s coming this
Sunday. Then we taught a lesson at Karrien’s and I gave my first blessing,
I could feel the Spirit guide me. Travel really limits us here though
it’s such a large area for just two missionaries. (144,000+)

August, 8, 2015 Today we did “12 weeks” in the morning. Then we did our
solo street display in Blackpool, it went well. We ran into an
Italian man who lived in America for most of his life, he was
interested and gave us his number. Then I ran into a man named Emag,
he was very curious and wanted to learn more. He actually let me talk
which was odd, no one ever lets me actually teach a full lesson. It
was so successful, we got four investigators. Then we went looking for
FI–they have all moved.

So that’s just some of the stuff, hope you enjoy a longer email, I
will try to always keep this journal going.

We don’t live in Blackpool City, we live in a place called
Thornton. Buses here are bad, they sometimes don’t even show up, and
they are never on time. That’s why when I got here we started using
the bikes.
It’s only me and Elder Fernandez in this huge area that includes all
the area surrounding Blackpool, it’s one of the biggest areas and we
are the only missionaries in it.   We sure could use some help from our district.

They don’t like street displays but me
and Elder Fernandez can hold our own.

Love you tons,
from Elder Maughan


It’s always great to hear from both you and Mom.

I do have a debit card that holds my 125£ for the month. I am
alright money wise right now, I will let you know if I start running
low. I get dinners at members twice a week usually or more. I have done a lot
of cooking at my flat, it really makes me appreciate what Mom does, I
cook mostly pasta with some meat and cheese in it, since it’s easy. I
am planning on getting a British cookbook when I find a good one, but
till then it will be pasta and chicken, and sometimes burgers.
The new area is great, I’m literally in Sodom!  This week was
Punk Week in Blackpool, during the week me and my companion set up a street display. I
got to talk to a few of them, they wanted me to go and get a beer with
them. After I taught them a little I told them about the Word of
Wisdom, which blew their minds, they would have made interesting
investigators but they where only in Blackpool for Punk Week. Next
week is Gay Pride Week, they have a parade and lots of drinking. I am
happy though, knowing that I am on the front lines literally preaching
the Gospel in the middle of those who need it most.
I try to share my testimony at the end of every lesson, doesn’t
always happen though. Fish and chips are great here– you would love
them! The ward is good we have a lot of less actives, we are working
with them and having a lot of success, two less actives showed up this
week because of it. I have had a Zone Conference in Liverpool, it was
good and I got some nice tips from it, like to bear our testimonies
often. It’s always fun to be with a big group of missionaries, we get
a little bit loud but it’s always fun.

Lava sounded like fun, it is a bit strange not to be going to school.
And summer has gone by so fast.

Well, I love you and I hope I gave you some good answers, just keep
emailing me and I will always try my hardest to email you back.

Elder Maughan


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