August 23, 2015


I am doing good and I am enjoying my mission. it’s a lot of hard work and I always go to bed quickly because of how tired I get. Everyone talks about how at one time you will feel like going home in the first three months, I thankfully haven’t felt that way. It’s amazing how fast it is already going, it’s like my first area didn’t even happen. I haven’t had any headaches which is a miracle and a blessing. And my spirit wavers but never falls.
 I’m sorry that I don’t email back and forth with you, but it’s a bran new rule that they came up with, which is no emailing back and forth.
Thank you for writing me again! This week I kept a journal but I am emailing off a computer so I can’t get it off my Ipad, so I will just tell you what happened this week.
We found a nice family that want us to teach them and they have had missionaries over before. The only reason why they haven’t gotten baptized was because of the husband’s smoking addiction. Which sadly, is the reason why we where recently dropped by Harry and Sue. Sue didn’t smoke or drink, but Harry did, and I think it offended him, when we taught the Word of Wisdom, which is sad because he had told us that he got a witness of the Book of Mormon and that he believed in the Restoration. But he won’t give up his smoking. It’s saddly a common theme here, people know what we say is the truth, but aren’t willing to change.
    All I can do is hope that when we stop by his house later this week he will have changed his mind.
We are working with a lot of less actives. We got two to start coming back to church and we are working with two others. I bet that next week we will have all four of them coming back to church.
There are about 50 very active members in this ward and they have over 500 less actives. Every street display we run into less actives and excommunicated members, and active members. We are doing a lot of re-activation and it’s starting to work. Most members that aren’t active are not active because of how far away from the church they are and most people don’t own cars here and the buses are really bad. These members, to go to church, would have to take a two hour bus ride, when if you drove straight to the church it wouldn’t take more then 30 mins– that’s how bad the buses are. So we are taking the church to them.
Love you all
From Elder Maughan


The food is actually pretty good. More vegetables, but I like how they cook them. And potatos are usually the main thing. We share responsibilities cooking, one day I will cook and the next day he will cook usually. We have washers and dryers, they don’t always work the best but it’s better than hand washing. The neighborhood where our flat is at is very posh(rich) so we feel pretty safe since our neighbors  have better stuff to steal. The English love their dogs, almost everyone has a dog here and they have so many different breeds too, but people often don’t pick up after their dogs so you have to be really careful when walking, even on the sidewalk. We get up at 6:20am and we go to bed at 10:00 to 10:30pm which is usually more around10:30. I often feel that I need more sleep, but I am still able to work hard. Thanks for emailing me. I am surpised about the forest fires since it has been such a wet year for you. Tell Meghan congrats for me, I’m sure BYU-I will be fun.
Love you tons Dad
From Elder Maughan

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