September 21, 2015

Dear Mom,

It’s great to hear from you and from everyone else who emailed me. I will find a better way to get pictures to you, because the email is very temperamental about sending more then one picture. My new companion is great and I think we will get along well.

    Yesterday was the first time we had walk-ins come into the church.  We talked with them and they seemed interesed, but they were about 16-years-old, so I think they felt a little intimidated by the ward so they left after they gave a their numbers. Hopefully we can teach them and their families more.
    We had a great street display where we gave out a very good number of Books of Mormon and I think most of the people will read them.
     I’m sorry again this week– I kept a journal but it needs to be organized so i can email it. I can give it to you next week.
       Oh yea, you can give anyone my email, I found out a while ago that it is OK for anyone that we knew back home to email us. So go ahead and give my email to people who ask for it or who have asked.
       Our baptism did fall through but that is alright. She is going to try again and that’s all we can ask for. I think the main reason for people not getting baptized is not because they don’t know that it is the truth, it is a lack of commitment.  No one likes to commit to anything here, that is the biggest reason people don’t want to commit to having to serve or go to church every week or give up their habits. Commitments are big to God and people need to understand that they can’t count themselves followers of Christ if they aren’t actually committed to following him, which is the honest truth of how i feel right now about it. Both members and non-members need to know that.
          It’s not something I’m worried about, but if you can, see if you can get the free Windows Ten for my computer if it has come out.
        I’m glad that your party went amazingly well, I always enjoyed them. Sorry that BYU lost, lots of missionaries here don’t like BYU, so I often find myself in hostile situations but not actually hostile. Like I mentioned in a earlier email some missionaries need to learn not to perpetuate rumors and exaggerate stuff. It’s the one plagues of missionaries, gossip– and thankfully here in Blackpool it’s only me and my companion.
 I remember your story mom on how the two missionaries teaching your family often fought, thankfully I haven’t had a companion like that, I see why something like that could happen though. There are just so many different missionaries from different places with different personalities. But thankfully, we are all united in the gospel of Christ, I read about the 12 in the one of the Apostles Memorial magazines. The question was asked ‘ since they all were very strong characters did they often find themselves clashing when trying to agree on executive decisions?’  Their respones was that they never have clashed because they keep the Spirit and by having the Spirit they are directed by it and the decisions made are always unanimous, they are one in the Lord.
 Sorry that this email is just me writing about random stuff.
England is starting to cool way down especially at night and the days are becoming noticeably shorter. I don’t think i need any more items to keep me warm.
Mom, you mentioned in your email the importance of Leadership skills, that is very important here.  I had a little panic attack when I knew that I would be leading my area but it’s not too bad, I need to keep better records though. Many missionaries don’t keep very good records, i hope that I can do better.
  You never did like those Knights, they aren’t so bad they just trying to relive the good old days. (A Renaissance Fair that camps near our home.)  I hope that Spencer is doing well and I will pray for all of you.
Elder Maughan
Dear Dad,
Your week sounded really fun I hope you can send me some pics.

So Donald Trump.. I don’t think he would do well with the the middle voter. I
hope the doctor wins the Republican vote instead of him.

Unfortunately, the baptism didn’t happen but it will hopefully happen
this next transfer. We have a potential family that might get baptized–
we don’t have a date for them yet.

I am doing great and I haven’t had any real home sickness which is a
blessing, I have gotten along well with my companions so far and
hopefully that will continue on throughout the mission. If I do get a
lazy companion I have already decided that he won’t slow me down.

The young people in Utah should count themselves as the luckiest people
on Earth. England is not a good spot for families and I can see how
much it affects the young people here, they drink and smoke and are
crazy, we call them Chavez. The area I’m in, Blackpool, has the
highest number of teen pregnancy in England. It’s sad to see how the
decay of social structure of the family has affected England in a
really bad way. So many people don’t even work here, and all the
members that are less active are only less active because they don’t
want to get up and walk to the bus station. The active members are very
good here, you have to be because if your testimony is lukewarm then
your going to find an excuse to not come to church. But we are working
hard with these lukewarm people.

I am excited to get a new companion on Wednesday and I will let you
know about him on Wednesday.

Your son Elder Maughan


September 14, 2015

Mom and Dad,

Guess what…. My companion is getting transferred out of Blackpool
and I am getting a new companion here, Elder Zuninga–he is from
California and it sounds like he is a good Elder.

Elder Fernandez is going to the outskirts of Manchester.

I didn’t write very much in my journal this week as nothing major
happened except I gave a talk in church and it went pretty well. My
companion has gotten serious about getting his licence, so each day
this week we spent one hour at the chapel so he could study, which is
what he was supposed to do, and while he studied I have started to
learn a few hymns on the piano. I almost have “Come, Come Ye Saints” down, President
actually told me to learn a few hymns just in case.

Sadly, our baptism didn’t go through but that’s just part of the
process.  She went a week without
smoking, which is more then she had ever done, the good news is
that she is willing to try again.

I’m glad that BYU is doing great–I actually miss American football, we
have a few investigators who are really into English football ( almost
everyone here is) so we are trying to set up some investigator sports
which is a great way to meet the investigator’s friends.

I got my backpack maybe I can send you pics in a later email, I got it
because it was on a pretty good sale and it’s a lot like the backpack
design that Spencer made, it probably cost about 48 U.S. Dollars 25
Great Britain pounds. And, I finally got around to fixing our bikes,
except I got an odd tire size and now it rides funny so I am going to
patch the old tire when I have time and put it back on. The bikes we
have are basically Walmart bikes, they are heavy and have a million
different problems but they are the only way we can get around, so I
will just fix them as I have time.

Oh yea,  we did an amazing hike last p- day, I will tell you about
it when I send my pics.

That’s all for now, love you.

From Elder Maughan

September 7, 2015

August 31, 2015

Dear Mom and Dad,
Today was Monday but not a p-day, we had 3 hours to email and shop
then it was back to regular missionary work. We got to meet Kerina
today at her flat, she had a very powerful spiritual experience that
made her cry when she told it to us. I think she is starting to change
profoundly. She gave herself a baptismal date for the 12th and there is
a possibility that she will make it there. Then we did a little
service for one of the sisters in our ward. And we ate at Nando’s for
the first time which was good.

September 1

Today was great, we found out that one of our current investigators
is pregnant and she is giving up smoking. Her first name is Kerina. She
is so close, she only has to hold out until the12th (to be baptized).    I had a
really fun conversation with a man that is in the military. It was
such a good conversation he gave me one of his military patches, which
was the British flag (which is the greatest a non-member has given me).
He was very nice and I gave him a Book of Mormon. I think the lesson I
learned from this experience is that I should treasure every Book of
Mormon, because when I gave it to him he respected it right away.
We should be getting our shopping soon also. We started ordering our
shopping online about two weeks ago, since it only costs a pound to
have it delivered to you.  I haven’t had many negative experiences,
only one guy threatening to sick his dogs on us–I think he was all
talk though.

Sept. 2, 2015

Today we went to the temple all day. We were on the train and a man
in a wheel chair came up to me and said “Oh, Mormon”, and I said “Yep”. And
we got talking and we had a good non-gospel chat. I noticed that he
had some military pins on so I mentioned them, turns out he was in the
French Foreign Legion. I showed him the badge that the person gave me
the day earlier. So, he wanted to one up that person, so he gave me one
of his pins. Said it was a foreign military pin, the special forces
pin of the country of Napal. He told me all about the sword/knife they
use, anyway a really interesting conversation. The temple was
great.  I did some baptisms and did some baptizing, and we did a
session. A very good day.I felt great peace in the temple and the
Spirit. I was extremely tired for some reason after, not necessarily
sleepy, more physical tired, and it was the first day that I hardly
did any walking.

September 3, 2015

Today is going to be interesting… We will do weekly planning.
until 3. Then we will go to Mitch and Natalie’s to get to know them.
Then, and this is the interesting part, we will be casting out some
demons out of a non-members home, her name is Tiffany, she is renting
from a member. We will see how that goes. Went well, so back home, Mitch
and Natalie were very nice, Mitch is very born-again Christian so we
need to address that.  We met Tiffany at her home we dedicated it and
went room to room saying dedication prayers. We were able to teach her
about our church and how we have the authority from God to do the
dedications and we gave her some other advice. The important thing is
I think she will be fine now and she is extremely interested in going
to our church now and getting the lessons from us, so we will be doing
that for her. A good day and a solid investigator.  So, I don’t
think I’m supposed to send any details about what happened but I will
write in my journal about it, it was very uneventful and nothing
happened, but now we have a solid investigator.

September 4, 2015

Our investigator had a very rough day. Thankfully nothing happened
to stop her from being baptized. We gave members a box of Capri Suns
and a box of cookies because we missed the tea appointment Wednesday.
It fixed our relationship with them and they seemed to enjoy our
spiritual message.

September 5, 2015

Today was tiring but good. We had the district street display, it
was great to have the whole district down here helping us.   Kerina
had her baptismal interview today and she passed !!! We are so excited
for her. Her baptism will be on the 12th, and I will confirm and give
the Holy Ghost to her the next day. I am blessed to see so many people
change their lives for the better, even through great opposition.

I love you all and thank you for emailing me.
Love you, Mom and Dad
From Elder Maughan

August 31, 2015

Dear Mom and Dad,
Thank you so much for keeping me informed. I am excited for you to go visit Emily and Dave and the boys. Emily told me that her emails aren’t getting through for some reason, don’t know why they aren’t but I hope we can get that fixed. I think of all of you often.
I recently got permission to get a back pack, since I’m in a biking area. I hauled too much stuff in my bag and hurt my shoulder so Sister Ulrich (mission president’s wife) said I could have a backpack for long days of travel and for biking.  So i was wondering if you could pay Spencer with my money, to make a backpack for me and ship it(Spencer made Jacob a beautiful leather and black canvas shoulder bag for his mission). If it’s not too expensive to ship. Let me know how much it would cost and if Spencer has time to do it.
I have used the card a few times when I ran out of money to buy a train ticket. The Church gives back money for travel so I always get that personal money back. 
We have no P-Day this week–they said we could have two hours to email and one hour to shop so me and Elder Fernandez are a little worried that it won’t be enough time. Most P-days we don’t do much, we live in a really touristy area, so there are things that we can do like go through some museums or any thing that we are allowed to do, but it’s really over priced so we haven’t.
Glad my Grades were good. I wish I would have tried harder in school, at least I have college or University as they say here, how does Meghan like BYU-I. Some missionaries have heard rummors that BYU-I has had some problems, I don’t think they are true, some missionaries here lean too much on rummor.
Concerning contacting people, one thing that I always try to do is just start a conversation about something first, sometimes you just have to dive in and start talking about the Gospel right away–some people this works on some people it doesn’t. The hard part is getting people interested in it and getting their address and an appointment. Members don’t need to get appointments but their address or even there phone number is good, most people that we get there phone numbers just block us though. But most people get interested in what we have to say when we ease them into it slowly.
Tell Bryce (a boy from our ward who just finished his misison) hi for me, and thank you again for emailing me.
Love you, 
Elder Maughan

Jacob Maughan

Aug 31 (1 day ago)

to me
Here is my journal sorry for all the typos in my emails– I just have to
type so fast, and I don’t have time to proof read so please excuse me.
(He doesn’t know I correct them for him:)
August 23 2015

This p-day was the funnest one I have had in a while, me and Elder
Fernandez don’t get to go with our district very often because of
train tickets, but we did this time because we are doing exchanges. We
emailed and bought our food and we got up to their chapel at 3:00pm and
we played chair football. It was a lot of fun. Hopefully we will get a
chance to do it again. Elder Aurthor and I then went back to our flat
in Blackpool and went to bed.

August 25 2015

I woke up today did exercises and ate, then me and Elder Aurthor did a
one hour street display. We didn’t stop many people in that hour. We
mostly did it because we had no better tracting methods. We were late
to all our appointments due to the terrible bus travel, we did good
though. It showed me that I could run this area once I get the bus
travel down. Now we are waiting for Elder Klaver and Elder Fernandez,
they are very late–the train travel is bad too. I was not as bold with
people as I should have been, it’s hard to find the line between being
bold and insulting someone’s beliefs I try very hard to not insult
people, it’s all about following Preach My Gospel and you can’t go
wrong. I think everyone, even members, should go through Preach My
I just always ask myself after I talk with someone, ‘did I tell them
what we have to offer them and did I tell them why they need it?’ and I
figure if I do that there is nothing more I can do then except be
nice, keep the conversation going as long as possible, and seek for
inspiration from the Holy Ghost.

August 26
We went to Elder Klaver’s flat for specialized training since we had to
be at the church early.

August 27
Specialised training was great. I felt the Spirit very strong it was
very interesting to feel the Spirit that strongly. I hope we can have
more meetings like that in he future. I had an interview with the mission
president which was great, he gave me some good suggestions and he
said that I should share my testimony as often as possible, I recorded
most of what he said in my journal, and Sister Ulrich gave me some
tips and also gave me permission to use a backpack for long trips or
anytime I am carrying something heavy.

August 28

Our ward had a great active at 7:00pm. We got two less actives to go but
none of our investigators went. We got one investigator while there,
and the activity was very good, we had good food and a funny time with
our investigators. We hope to find more ways to support this ward,
they are good people but they have had a hard few years.

August 29
We decided not to do a street display today. We got a referral from
Salt Lake, she was a very nice Catholic woman that had a great family.
She told us that if she wasn’t already Catholic she would be a Mormon.
One thing that she said really got me thinking, she said how great our
values in our church are, especially concerning the family. I think
the way to get people interested in our church is to discuss our
beliefs on family and how important the family unit is in our church.
Almost every church now allows gay marriage and many faithful members
like this nice Catholic lady don’t like their church’s decisions on
allowing it.
We were not performing 100%, so we didn’t think that it was best
that we didn’t do the street display. We did talk to a lot of people
today,though I had only three full lessons.

There’s my journal, have a great week!

Elder Maughan