September 7, 2015

August 31, 2015

Dear Mom and Dad,
Today was Monday but not a p-day, we had 3 hours to email and shop
then it was back to regular missionary work. We got to meet Kerina
today at her flat, she had a very powerful spiritual experience that
made her cry when she told it to us. I think she is starting to change
profoundly. She gave herself a baptismal date for the 12th and there is
a possibility that she will make it there. Then we did a little
service for one of the sisters in our ward. And we ate at Nando’s for
the first time which was good.

September 1

Today was great, we found out that one of our current investigators
is pregnant and she is giving up smoking. Her first name is Kerina. She
is so close, she only has to hold out until the12th (to be baptized).    I had a
really fun conversation with a man that is in the military. It was
such a good conversation he gave me one of his military patches, which
was the British flag (which is the greatest a non-member has given me).
He was very nice and I gave him a Book of Mormon. I think the lesson I
learned from this experience is that I should treasure every Book of
Mormon, because when I gave it to him he respected it right away.
We should be getting our shopping soon also. We started ordering our
shopping online about two weeks ago, since it only costs a pound to
have it delivered to you.  I haven’t had many negative experiences,
only one guy threatening to sick his dogs on us–I think he was all
talk though.

Sept. 2, 2015

Today we went to the temple all day. We were on the train and a man
in a wheel chair came up to me and said “Oh, Mormon”, and I said “Yep”. And
we got talking and we had a good non-gospel chat. I noticed that he
had some military pins on so I mentioned them, turns out he was in the
French Foreign Legion. I showed him the badge that the person gave me
the day earlier. So, he wanted to one up that person, so he gave me one
of his pins. Said it was a foreign military pin, the special forces
pin of the country of Napal. He told me all about the sword/knife they
use, anyway a really interesting conversation. The temple was
great.  I did some baptisms and did some baptizing, and we did a
session. A very good day.I felt great peace in the temple and the
Spirit. I was extremely tired for some reason after, not necessarily
sleepy, more physical tired, and it was the first day that I hardly
did any walking.

September 3, 2015

Today is going to be interesting… We will do weekly planning.
until 3. Then we will go to Mitch and Natalie’s to get to know them.
Then, and this is the interesting part, we will be casting out some
demons out of a non-members home, her name is Tiffany, she is renting
from a member. We will see how that goes. Went well, so back home, Mitch
and Natalie were very nice, Mitch is very born-again Christian so we
need to address that.  We met Tiffany at her home we dedicated it and
went room to room saying dedication prayers. We were able to teach her
about our church and how we have the authority from God to do the
dedications and we gave her some other advice. The important thing is
I think she will be fine now and she is extremely interested in going
to our church now and getting the lessons from us, so we will be doing
that for her. A good day and a solid investigator.  So, I don’t
think I’m supposed to send any details about what happened but I will
write in my journal about it, it was very uneventful and nothing
happened, but now we have a solid investigator.

September 4, 2015

Our investigator had a very rough day. Thankfully nothing happened
to stop her from being baptized. We gave members a box of Capri Suns
and a box of cookies because we missed the tea appointment Wednesday.
It fixed our relationship with them and they seemed to enjoy our
spiritual message.

September 5, 2015

Today was tiring but good. We had the district street display, it
was great to have the whole district down here helping us.   Kerina
had her baptismal interview today and she passed !!! We are so excited
for her. Her baptism will be on the 12th, and I will confirm and give
the Holy Ghost to her the next day. I am blessed to see so many people
change their lives for the better, even through great opposition.

I love you all and thank you for emailing me.
Love you, Mom and Dad
From Elder Maughan


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