September 14, 2015

Mom and Dad,

Guess what…. My companion is getting transferred out of Blackpool
and I am getting a new companion here, Elder Zuninga–he is from
California and it sounds like he is a good Elder.

Elder Fernandez is going to the outskirts of Manchester.

I didn’t write very much in my journal this week as nothing major
happened except I gave a talk in church and it went pretty well. My
companion has gotten serious about getting his licence, so each day
this week we spent one hour at the chapel so he could study, which is
what he was supposed to do, and while he studied I have started to
learn a few hymns on the piano. I almost have “Come, Come Ye Saints” down, President
actually told me to learn a few hymns just in case.

Sadly, our baptism didn’t go through but that’s just part of the
process.  She went a week without
smoking, which is more then she had ever done, the good news is
that she is willing to try again.

I’m glad that BYU is doing great–I actually miss American football, we
have a few investigators who are really into English football ( almost
everyone here is) so we are trying to set up some investigator sports
which is a great way to meet the investigator’s friends.

I got my backpack maybe I can send you pics in a later email, I got it
because it was on a pretty good sale and it’s a lot like the backpack
design that Spencer made, it probably cost about 48 U.S. Dollars 25
Great Britain pounds. And, I finally got around to fixing our bikes,
except I got an odd tire size and now it rides funny so I am going to
patch the old tire when I have time and put it back on. The bikes we
have are basically Walmart bikes, they are heavy and have a million
different problems but they are the only way we can get around, so I
will just fix them as I have time.

Oh yea,  we did an amazing hike last p- day, I will tell you about
it when I send my pics.

That’s all for now, love you.

From Elder Maughan


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