September 21, 2015

Dear Mom,

It’s great to hear from you and from everyone else who emailed me. I will find a better way to get pictures to you, because the email is very temperamental about sending more then one picture. My new companion is great and I think we will get along well.

    Yesterday was the first time we had walk-ins come into the church.  We talked with them and they seemed interesed, but they were about 16-years-old, so I think they felt a little intimidated by the ward so they left after they gave a their numbers. Hopefully we can teach them and their families more.
    We had a great street display where we gave out a very good number of Books of Mormon and I think most of the people will read them.
     I’m sorry again this week– I kept a journal but it needs to be organized so i can email it. I can give it to you next week.
       Oh yea, you can give anyone my email, I found out a while ago that it is OK for anyone that we knew back home to email us. So go ahead and give my email to people who ask for it or who have asked.
       Our baptism did fall through but that is alright. She is going to try again and that’s all we can ask for. I think the main reason for people not getting baptized is not because they don’t know that it is the truth, it is a lack of commitment.  No one likes to commit to anything here, that is the biggest reason people don’t want to commit to having to serve or go to church every week or give up their habits. Commitments are big to God and people need to understand that they can’t count themselves followers of Christ if they aren’t actually committed to following him, which is the honest truth of how i feel right now about it. Both members and non-members need to know that.
          It’s not something I’m worried about, but if you can, see if you can get the free Windows Ten for my computer if it has come out.
        I’m glad that your party went amazingly well, I always enjoyed them. Sorry that BYU lost, lots of missionaries here don’t like BYU, so I often find myself in hostile situations but not actually hostile. Like I mentioned in a earlier email some missionaries need to learn not to perpetuate rumors and exaggerate stuff. It’s the one plagues of missionaries, gossip– and thankfully here in Blackpool it’s only me and my companion.
 I remember your story mom on how the two missionaries teaching your family often fought, thankfully I haven’t had a companion like that, I see why something like that could happen though. There are just so many different missionaries from different places with different personalities. But thankfully, we are all united in the gospel of Christ, I read about the 12 in the one of the Apostles Memorial magazines. The question was asked ‘ since they all were very strong characters did they often find themselves clashing when trying to agree on executive decisions?’  Their respones was that they never have clashed because they keep the Spirit and by having the Spirit they are directed by it and the decisions made are always unanimous, they are one in the Lord.
 Sorry that this email is just me writing about random stuff.
England is starting to cool way down especially at night and the days are becoming noticeably shorter. I don’t think i need any more items to keep me warm.
Mom, you mentioned in your email the importance of Leadership skills, that is very important here.  I had a little panic attack when I knew that I would be leading my area but it’s not too bad, I need to keep better records though. Many missionaries don’t keep very good records, i hope that I can do better.
  You never did like those Knights, they aren’t so bad they just trying to relive the good old days. (A Renaissance Fair that camps near our home.)  I hope that Spencer is doing well and I will pray for all of you.
Elder Maughan
Dear Dad,
Your week sounded really fun I hope you can send me some pics.

So Donald Trump.. I don’t think he would do well with the the middle voter. I
hope the doctor wins the Republican vote instead of him.

Unfortunately, the baptism didn’t happen but it will hopefully happen
this next transfer. We have a potential family that might get baptized–
we don’t have a date for them yet.

I am doing great and I haven’t had any real home sickness which is a
blessing, I have gotten along well with my companions so far and
hopefully that will continue on throughout the mission. If I do get a
lazy companion I have already decided that he won’t slow me down.

The young people in Utah should count themselves as the luckiest people
on Earth. England is not a good spot for families and I can see how
much it affects the young people here, they drink and smoke and are
crazy, we call them Chavez. The area I’m in, Blackpool, has the
highest number of teen pregnancy in England. It’s sad to see how the
decay of social structure of the family has affected England in a
really bad way. So many people don’t even work here, and all the
members that are less active are only less active because they don’t
want to get up and walk to the bus station. The active members are very
good here, you have to be because if your testimony is lukewarm then
your going to find an excuse to not come to church. But we are working
hard with these lukewarm people.

I am excited to get a new companion on Wednesday and I will let you
know about him on Wednesday.

Your son Elder Maughan


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