October 5, 2015


It sounded like a great time (Maughan sibling reunion in St. George) and I’m glad you enjoyed Conference. I have so far also. Right after I finish writing everyone I am watching the last Sunday session. What I have seen has been brilliant and it’s odd to be the missionary they are talking to and about.
 You really can tell a difference between members homes and non-members homes and members and non-members. It really reflects what someone said during Conference that as things get worst around us those that are good will see the Church and flock to it. Many churches here are allowing gay marriage or taking steps to allow it.  The faithful members of those churches might finally be awakened and realize what they are missing. I can even tell a difference between active members and less active, sometimes during the street displays someone will approach me and I can tell right away that they are members. The one time I couldn’t tell, it turned out that the person hadn’t been for a while. The only advice I can give to less-actives is to kneel down and pray and ask God to either help them get active again or if they think they don’t need to be active ask God if they need to be active. If they do that willing with intent to act fully on the answer they get, they will get an answer.
I haven’t gotten the package yet and I probably won’t for a few weeks. They use a trickel down system here where the office gives it to the Zone Leaders then Zone to District then to me, which works but the office only sees the Zone Leaders every few weeks.
I know that I will see some great things happen this week.  The Lord is slowly preparing the world for our message and as the world gets darker our light will stand out more and more. It’s great to know that we have the truth and as long as we know that,  nothing can shake our foundation of faith, and eventually the righteous will see that and gather with us.
I could write all day but I don’t have the time, sorry. I have started up my journal again but I forgot my ipad so I might send it later today if I have the time.
Love all of you,
Elder Maughan

Sounds like it was a really great trip. I always loved family reunions, I miss the people but mostly the food… joking.  I was wondering if Uncle Peter could tell me where he served, it would be nice to find out just in case I serve in the same area.
I don’t know if I told you this but an Elder Maughan left right before I came in. From what I have heard he was a great Elder and I hope that I can keep up that.
It is getting very cold here at nights and today is very cloudy and rainy.  The rain here is odd– it just is a mist that soaks you in seconds. I hope that it’s not raining all winter, plus there is a noticeable less amount of sun light. It’s hard because we don’t like tracting in the dark but sometimes that’s the only thing you can do.  Why can’t everyone just pray sincerely about the Book of Mormon and get baptized so we don’t have to knock on their door when it’s 8:00 at night, ha ha, oh well. From what I hear people are more likely to let you in when they feel sorry for you.
Love you. I would write more but don’t have time.
From Elder Maughan

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