September 28, 2015

Dear Mom and Dad,

I am doing well, it is so great to hear from you and Dad. I am glad that you liked my recent photo’s and I hope I can get some more to sent to you. It is great to know that everything is alright.
Alot happened this week, we have some new investigators and we have quite the pool of investigators and less actives now. The street displays have been going well. We gave out 10 Books of Mormon on one and hopefully the people read it. We actually run into a few people who have read it and they greatly enjoy it. Yet many people don’t want to learn more.
  One person told us a story which I don’t know if it is true, he said that there were a lot of Jehovah  Witnesses in this area during a certain time and no one likes how they teach people, their version of teaching is bashing, so many people are weary of missionaries here.
I hope we can start teaching someone who actually wants to experience some of the gospel. We had a miracle though, we might end up teaching an entire apartment. We knocked on the door of someone who used to get lessons and it turned out it wasn’t his apartment, anyways, a man opened the door and he said that he is very interested in religion. We went in and there were six other people in there watching the game. They all seeming interested in what we had to say and invited us back. I think some of them want to bash but some seemed interested in learning more, so we will try again.
    I talk to so many people that their lives would improve so much if they had the Gospel but it’s hard when they think that they have heard it all. This entire country has been desensitized by false churches. I know that many of them would accept the gospel if they heard the lessons and followed the simple challenge to read the Book of Mormon and pray to know if it is true, and pray to know if all things are true that we teach. But precious few will do that.
   I know that I am trying hard and I am now just trying to find out how we can be more efficient with the travel. It is hard but hopefully I can do better with that.
    I am excited to see who is called to be the new apostles.
Love you all.   I have started my journal back up and I will start sending that again.
From Elder Maughan

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