October 12, 2015


This week has been great, we have an actual teaching pool now and I
know that we will have a baptism soon. It is funny that dad did street
displays, they are always interesting, me and elder Zuniga do them by
ourselves. It is hard sometimes because you get tired after about
three hours of just talking and standing and trying to stop people, we
usally get about two new investigators per street display and we give
out 8 Books of Mormon. I have only felt worried about two books that I
gave out.

The younger generation here is actually much easier to speak to about
the gospel. Some of them are very interested. The prophesy about
Joseph smiths name is very really. Many people try to tell us that he
was this or that I don’t even listen to these people because they have
no real understanding of what we are trying to do. Men are liars but
God doesn’t lie and that’s why we ask everyone to ask God. And we
always ask them, where did the Book of Mormon come from then, because
certainly Joseph smith didn’t make it up, it’s way to complex for even
modern authors to duplicate.

The English are a funny lot, the younger generation loves America and
always ask us why we are on England I always tell them that it is
because I know hat the true church has been restored. I hope we can
get some of the younger generation in our teaching pool they seem very
interested or some of them do anyways, the bad one of course don’t
even want to hear it.

It’s great to here all the news from home and I just want you to know
that I am doing great and I haven’t gotten your package yet but I am
looking forward to it.

Elder Maughan

Here are the fragments of my journal writings:

Sept 26, 2015

It’s funny how I can have a Born Again Christian yelling at me and not feel the
least bit nervous, but then I’m on the bus and I have to talk to
someone really pretty and I get a little nervous, even though I’m just
trying to give her a pass along card.
Anyway, today was very fun. We went to a former investigator’s
apartment and we knocked on the wrong door.  But, the entire apartment
complex was in there–literally, they were all watching the game and
they were all religious and they wanted to hear a little of our
message.  After we talked a little, one of them wanted a copy of the
Book of Mormon, and we are basically going to teach or try to teach 7 people,
half of whom are Born Again Christians–so no bashing even if they
start it.
It really is a battle here.  People think we are Jehovah Witnesses because of
our outfits and everyone hates Witnesses.  Or people are Born Agains, so
they are hard to even reason with because they twist scripture and
refuse to think that God will require them to make changes in their
lives.  Here is what you have to do with them though:
With Born Agains you have to start from the beginning and explain
that Adam and Eve are not accidentally fallen. And that God put us on
Earth because we can learn and grow here, the Earth is a giant
refinery for human souls, and that while Christ does save us from the
fall that doesn’t keep us from being dammed in the sense that we will
not progress in the after life. Then, explain the Plan of Salvation, and
that God is here to see who will follow the example of his Son, who
will change themself so they might be free. Just get the
eternal perspective in there. It takes work but it really stumps them
when it is explained well. And I will never participate in bashing.
First off we know that the full Gospel isn’t in Bible. But don’t bash–
just teach and just walk away the minute they pull out the Bible (bashing).

Sept 28, 2015

Today was an alright day. I personally thought it was going to be
crummy but it turned out ok. The people of England are so interesting,
they have refinement and crudeness. They can be very kind and caring
and also just not give a hoot. They are children of Heavenly Father and
they deserve the respect that that title gives them. I should act like
I know that all the time.  The minute I look at them in that light, it
becomes easy to teach them. I must overcome myself to become as
charitable as Paul and not want, only to give what I have been freely

Sept 29

Elder Zuniga is a great missionary. I hope to learn what
he can give and hopefully he can learn to loosen up a bit. Today we
had Zone Meeting it was fantastic, as always. Thank you Mom and Dad
for the money. I had to use it to get to Zone Meeting, but I will send the

tickets into the office and get my money back because necessary
train travel is paid for by the mission. We got back and did a lesson
with two new investigators.  Most of our PI’s have blocked our number
but a few still are interested and we have some of their addresses.
There are so many people that slip through the the cracks because we
simply cannot visit everyone. Their are three very good referrals we
have that are just right in the wrong places. We either walk and hour
to them or ride the bus and hour and a half. The buses are too
unpredictable to bus hop. It’s because these buses are owned by the
town. Free market buses are better. Good news–a less active family
which has two boys is coming back to church. The father got a new job since he
just barely finished his degree, so he won’t work Sunday’s anymore.
That is a common problem here, even our bishop can’t come most Sundays
because of work. We are working well with the less actives here.

Oct 6, 2015

Today we had a District meeting, Elder Zuniga and I did a perfect
lesson on the teaching of the restoration, we work really in sync
sometimes. The trains are hard to catch in England, it is abnormal for
the trains to be on time. I have heard it is due to the competing rail
ways they don’t communicate with each other so delays are just common.

As you can see I have had a hard time keeping my journal up, but I am
going to try again.  If anything of a spiritual nature happens I write
it down with pen and paper. Have a great week everyone and I will get
back to you next week.

Elder Maughan


Thanks for writing. it’s amazing that Mantua is having even more
houses built, it’s a great place to live.

I am doing good at leading the area. It’s a real problem getting
around here. Some places haven’t seen missionaries in over 15 years
and we just don’t have the time to spend all day to get there.

I bet we will see some amazing things happen in Blackpool, I feel that
we are on the brink of getting a few baptism if one of our
investigators will get an answer to his prayer.

Supposedly the British are getting mad at the Russians, but I only
hear a little bit about it since we don’t look at the news. I bet
nothing will come of it though.

Good luck losing weight, I have lost a little bit of my muscle since I
only have half an hour to work out, but I’m not getting fat so that’s
good. I have some interesting stories which happened to me but I don’t
have much more time so I will be sure to write it down tonight and
send it next time.

It’s great that BYU won. It’s great that Riley got to run a few times.

Elder Maughan


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