October 19, 2015

MOM and Dad,

Thank you as always for the Email. It clears my head to read about home. It’s starting to get colder here as well, the leaves are just starting to fall and like usual it’s rainy.
It’s hard for me to believe that I’m in England sometimes. I was sitting in church the other day think of our ward.
I have learned “Ye Elders of Israel” on the piano, I have almost got” Brightly Beams our Fathers Mercy”. Elder Zuniga is learning how to drive, and when he does that I try to learn more on the piano.
I remember how great Musicality’s singing was during  Back to Bethlehem. That’s amazing that you get to sing for that.
I bet your visit to Emily and Dave’s will be fun.
We get most of our investigators through street displays, tracting is less effective.  Many people won’t even open their doors, it all depends though. Sometimes we find people by tracting, sometimes we don’t. I have taught many people about the Book Of Mormon and all of them are interested in it after I have taught them, but the hard part is connecting with them again.
Thankfully, I have today to rest a bit. Last week was very productive, but it wiped me out. We want to have an even more productive week this week and challenge one of our very solid investigator to baptism.  He will accept it but he will need to give up smoking which he is already trying to do.
Thank you for the money, if I need to I will use it. Always wisely though. I do have a rain coat and my shoes are holding up.
I think of you often also and pray for all of you back home. Thank you again for the email. I will write you again next week.
Elder Maughan

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