November 16, 2015

Mom and Dad,

My birthday was great, the package actually got to me on my birthday
which was great. Honestly, it was quite a normal day, but the package
and card made it special. And my mission president gave me a call and wished me happy birthday.

I did actually see some amazing Castles. They are
impressive. The Welsh didn’t make them though, the English did. They
built missions of castles to control Wales. I am planning on visiting
one for Pday some time. My new companion is great, he is one transfer
younger than me and he is going great. We get along well and the only
thing we need to improve on is teaching together, either one or the
other dominates the conversation so that is something we need to fix.
Rhyl is pretty, but it also has some unemployment issues. Around
70% of the population doesn’t work, yet everyone is busy some how–
joking. Everyone who invited us into their home has invited us back.
We do a lot of tracting here, and I don’t like it. I am so used to just
street displays and street contacting. The problem is that the
population is small so Elder Hamblin has said that it is not good if
we push people too hard. Although, I think I will start pushing a bit
harder. I have eased off a bit but, now I am getting tired of knocking
doors.  So many people here open the door and say, “Oh you are doing a
wonderful job but I’m already Christian.” Then normally I would ask
them how often they attend church or pray and since most of the people
in the U.K. don’t go they would say “Oh I don’t go to church or I
haven’t prayed in a while.” Then I would tell them that we could help
them with that. Because, honestly, the religious people here probably pray
less often then the Atheists here. Just the other day we stopped an
Atheist and he told us that he doesn’t know if there is a God but that
he prays probably once a week.
I’m glad you had a lovely week with Emily and Dave and Parker and Cooper.

I got your Email last week don’t worry.


Elder Maughan


November 9, 2015

Dad and Mom,

I actually can’t believe that I’m 19. It just went so fast. My entire
mission has flown by so far, it feels like my second day. The mission
has solidified my testimony and it builds on it daily. It’s funny that
you mentioned the iron rod, we used that scripture a lot this week. The
church does do so much, it is amazing for how small relatively it is and
how much good that it has done.
This week has been great, it started out kind of weird. It was 8:30
at night and the only person we ran into street contacting was a drunk
man.( We have to street contact after 5:30p.m. now or people get very angry and since it’s a smaller area we can’t afford to make
too many people upset.) Anyways, I couldn’t tell at first how drunk he
was so I started teaching him and at first it was ok but then he just
turned out to be completely drunk. I have ran into quite a few drunk
people unfortunately, but so far we have had no problems with them.  I
sorry that this email is a bit short, I will email you later today.

Elder Maughan

November 2, 2015

Mom and Dad,

Thanks for emailing me Mom and Dad, and thanks to everyone else. I have learned quite a lot from my mission and I hope to learn even more. Every day is an experience and it is going by so fast!. Almost five months now and I still feel like its just my second day.
      I forgot my Ipad charger and so I couldn’t write my Journal so I will try to tell you all that happened this week, starting off back in Blackpool.
    So we found this solid investigator back in Blackpool, he is going to be baptized Nov 14th and I had my last lesson with him.  It was so spiritual, he brought his friend who was so excited to learn what we taught him.  It was one of the most spiritual experiences and I was sad that I had to say goodbye to all the people there.
   First day in Wales was good, we have quite a few good investigators here and we have a mother and a daughter who are going to be baptized.  She has almost completely given up smoking–she is down to seven a day which is huge and she is almost ready to quite all of it. The daughter is just waiting for her mom.
   We did more tracting here than I had done in Blackpool in the first few days. This area is large but has a small population. We run into the same people often. We are going to try doing more street displays here and maybe that might be more effective. We have a good teaching pool which we just haven’t been in contact with enough and we just need to re-contact and schedule appointments with them.
     The country side here is stunning, on the train we went past three castles and I am probably going to visit one soon. The Welsh language is very interesting, almost no one speaks it, most of the road signs here and street names are Welsh, a very odd looking language.
    I serve in Rhyl B and in Rhyl A is a set of sister missionaries. They are very nice and they are doing well in Rhyl. Although I wonder why Rhyl has two setsmissionaries, having almost no population, and then Blackpool has only one set and is huge. Oh well, there is a reason I am sure. It will be harder to find investigators here so we will have to work hard to find them.
    Thank you for the pictures.
     love you
From Elder Maughan

October 26, 2015

Mom and Dad,

It is great to email you again, I will be moving this transfer on
Wednesday, to Rhyl, a little town in Wales. It’s on the coast, seems
like I will spend my whole mission on the coast, which I wouldn’t
mind. I don’t know where my birthday package is yet, it’s either still
in customs or at the mission home waiting for my zone leaders to move

My time in Blackpool has been an enlightenment, I have learned that the
mission doesn’t need to be a burden if you are constantly turning
towards Christ for help. I never saw it as a burden, it is hard though
and I needed strength beyond my own here in Blackpool. It was
difficult being the only missionaries in such a large area, at least
we never had to tract the same place twice.  Some areas are so small
that missionaries tract it twice in one transfer. We had the opposite

Member meals are great and the members here look out for us. I will
always remember the kindness of the members in Blackpool.

I am glad to hear about Spencer’s commercial. I can’t believe that he
will soon be graduating. And I love getting the emails from Emily,
both of them are amazing siblings to have.

I have learned that agency is a interesting thing.  We have been given freedom to choose
what we want. What comes from those choices we don’t get to choose.
But if we sincerely repent all can be made right.

Love you Mom, thank you for being the best mother in the world. Love you too Dad!

Elder Maughan

Weekly journal

Oct 24, 2015

Unfortunately, the bus drivers have been threatening us lately. They
have the legal right to not let us preach on the bus, and they can
refuse service to anyone they want. Today, I got on the bus and the
driver said that I forged my ticket, I obviously did not and we talked
for quite a while before he would let me on. I told him that I was on
my mission and a minister for my church and would not do something
like that, he was just doing his job though so I didn’t get after him.
Anyways, he let me get on. Another incident happened when a member got
on the bus, he of course sat by us and started talking. The bus
driver them started yelling at us ‘NO PREACHING.’ The member got really
defensive and yelled back that he was already a member of our church,
which is a nice thing about the English, they will stand up for
themselves. We have two investigators now who are solid, they both are
ready to be baptized, and I hope I stay in Blackpool one more transfer
to see them baptized.

Oct 25, 2015

Our investigator is amazing, he is not very learned, but  he told us about
his experience praying to God about the Book of Mormon. He got the
answer that it is true and he told us that he prayed to know if the
church is true and how he can learn all that we have, his reply was so
enlightening, even to me. I knew that he had indeed spoken with God (in prayer)
and that he was going to be baptized. Sharing the gospel has
strengthened my testimony more then I ever thought it could.

Oct 26, 2015

The foods here in England are great, you have their famous Sunday
roasts, which is just some meat, potatoes, vegetables, Yorkshire pudding
(not to be confused with black pudding, which is the blood sausage
which I haven’t had) , and other stuff. All that is piled onto a plate then
drenched in gravy, not just the meat and potatoes but everything is
sitting in an inch of gravy. It’s extremely good. Next, you have the
famous Fish and Chips, we just call them Chippy’s. They are just take
away places usually and are nice and cheap usually.  For three pounds,
sometimes less, you get a massive thing of Chips (fries), their chips
here are a lot thicker and you really do get a pound of chips for…
well one pound of money. And you get a big thing of fried fish with
it. It’s take away but you have to start eating it, because the chips are
no good when they go cold. I put a lot of vineger on it– actually
tastes really good. The other food that’s worth mentioning is Kebabs, which

is shaved meat in a giant tortilla.   The
most famous is Donor Kebabs, they are usually massive and no one
really knows where the shaved meat comes from. It’s suppose to be
Lamb. I personally love Donor Kebabs, you can tell how good a Kebab
house is, by how Middle Eastern the owners and cooks are. If there is a
sign hanging up on the wall that says ”Allah is the one true God,
and Mohammed is his Messenger,” then you know that the Kebabs will
be good. Plus most Kebabs are dirt cheap.

The End of my time in Blackpool.

Just a bit of a tribute letter to Blackpool, the mini Las Vegas of
England. I came to love doing street displays in the streets, I came
to love the people of Blackpool even though many of them were not
interested, I know that one day many will come to except the gospel. I
learned some valuable lessons on being selfless and trying hard even
when there are plenty of excuses. I came to love my family and my home
and the members here. I saw many people with hardships and had spoken
with many who pulled themselves out of the gutter, many of those
people found the gospel to be what they wanted. God gave me the
opportunity to see Him do his own work.
Starting Wednesday I will be serving in Rhyl B, which is in Wales on
the Coast. I am excited for that, I will have a Welsh badge, but won’t
have a clue on how to speak the language, they all speak English
there, so shouldn’t be a problem.

Elder Maughan