November 16, 2015

Mom and Dad,

My birthday was great, the package actually got to me on my birthday
which was great. Honestly, it was quite a normal day, but the package
and card made it special. And my mission president gave me a call and wished me happy birthday.

I did actually see some amazing Castles. They are
impressive. The Welsh didn’t make them though, the English did. They
built missions of castles to control Wales. I am planning on visiting
one for Pday some time. My new companion is great, he is one transfer
younger than me and he is going great. We get along well and the only
thing we need to improve on is teaching together, either one or the
other dominates the conversation so that is something we need to fix.
Rhyl is pretty, but it also has some unemployment issues. Around
70% of the population doesn’t work, yet everyone is busy some how–
joking. Everyone who invited us into their home has invited us back.
We do a lot of tracting here, and I don’t like it. I am so used to just
street displays and street contacting. The problem is that the
population is small so Elder Hamblin has said that it is not good if
we push people too hard. Although, I think I will start pushing a bit
harder. I have eased off a bit but, now I am getting tired of knocking
doors.  So many people here open the door and say, “Oh you are doing a
wonderful job but I’m already Christian.” Then normally I would ask
them how often they attend church or pray and since most of the people
in the U.K. don’t go they would say “Oh I don’t go to church or I
haven’t prayed in a while.” Then I would tell them that we could help
them with that. Because, honestly, the religious people here probably pray
less often then the Atheists here. Just the other day we stopped an
Atheist and he told us that he doesn’t know if there is a God but that
he prays probably once a week.
I’m glad you had a lovely week with Emily and Dave and Parker and Cooper.

I got your Email last week don’t worry.


Elder Maughan


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