November 2, 2015

Mom and Dad,

Thanks for emailing me Mom and Dad, and thanks to everyone else. I have learned quite a lot from my mission and I hope to learn even more. Every day is an experience and it is going by so fast!. Almost five months now and I still feel like its just my second day.
      I forgot my Ipad charger and so I couldn’t write my Journal so I will try to tell you all that happened this week, starting off back in Blackpool.
    So we found this solid investigator back in Blackpool, he is going to be baptized Nov 14th and I had my last lesson with him.  It was so spiritual, he brought his friend who was so excited to learn what we taught him.  It was one of the most spiritual experiences and I was sad that I had to say goodbye to all the people there.
   First day in Wales was good, we have quite a few good investigators here and we have a mother and a daughter who are going to be baptized.  She has almost completely given up smoking–she is down to seven a day which is huge and she is almost ready to quite all of it. The daughter is just waiting for her mom.
   We did more tracting here than I had done in Blackpool in the first few days. This area is large but has a small population. We run into the same people often. We are going to try doing more street displays here and maybe that might be more effective. We have a good teaching pool which we just haven’t been in contact with enough and we just need to re-contact and schedule appointments with them.
     The country side here is stunning, on the train we went past three castles and I am probably going to visit one soon. The Welsh language is very interesting, almost no one speaks it, most of the road signs here and street names are Welsh, a very odd looking language.
    I serve in Rhyl B and in Rhyl A is a set of sister missionaries. They are very nice and they are doing well in Rhyl. Although I wonder why Rhyl has two setsmissionaries, having almost no population, and then Blackpool has only one set and is huge. Oh well, there is a reason I am sure. It will be harder to find investigators here so we will have to work hard to find them.
    Thank you for the pictures.
     love you
From Elder Maughan

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