November 9, 2015

Dad and Mom,

I actually can’t believe that I’m 19. It just went so fast. My entire
mission has flown by so far, it feels like my second day. The mission
has solidified my testimony and it builds on it daily. It’s funny that
you mentioned the iron rod, we used that scripture a lot this week. The
church does do so much, it is amazing for how small relatively it is and
how much good that it has done.
This week has been great, it started out kind of weird. It was 8:30
at night and the only person we ran into street contacting was a drunk
man.( We have to street contact after 5:30p.m. now or people get very angry and since it’s a smaller area we can’t afford to make
too many people upset.) Anyways, I couldn’t tell at first how drunk he
was so I started teaching him and at first it was ok but then he just
turned out to be completely drunk. I have ran into quite a few drunk
people unfortunately, but so far we have had no problems with them.  I
sorry that this email is a bit short, I will email you later today.

Elder Maughan


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