December 14, 2015


So, I just got the details. I will be allowed to call on either Christmas Day or Christmas Eve, at really any time. Let me know what day will be best and I will let you know what time, and its only a half hour long.
That is quite sad for the Baxter family(son died following a kidney transplant), they are quite strong and they have a great ward to help them out. I have run into quite a few sad stories on my mission and really  just share with them Ether Chapter 12 verse 4. Everyone Ether knew died yet he had an anchor that helped him through his trials.
Wow, how is Dad keeping on his diet if your going to so many parties? We have quite a few meals on Christmas week, we are going to the Bishop’s for Christmas Day. He is great and although I feel bad that they have to have us over on a holiday, they are a very nice family so they probably don’t mind too much.
Yes Elder Leighton, he is originally from an area that is five minutes away from the London Temple, although his accent, I guess, is a little off because no one thinks he’s from England. I guess being surrounded by strange accents for a year and a half does that.
Oh and the baptism I was mentioning were in Blackpool, I didn’t get to go to it. Unfortunately, they just made a new rule were we can’t travel back to our old areas, but David and also Raymond got baptized so that is great to know. And this transfer we can have four baptisms.
I can’t wait to see you too (on our Christmas talk). Love you
From Elder Maughan

I am not the district leader, just Elder Leighton, but it is good to see all the things that you have to do to be a district lead. The District meetings and getting in the key indicators and what not.
   Sometimes we get pity points when we are out tracking and it’s a heavy rain.  Then people are usually nicer and the first time I got invited in was when it was raining quite hard, it’s also starting to get really cold, so both those combined makes it quite miserable.
   The game sounds like it will be exciting let me know who wins I’m sure BYU will. I miss you and can’t wait to speak to you soon. Love you
From Elder Maughan

December 7, 2015

Nov 24 2015

Today we went to Beth’s house to help her in learning how to read the
harder chapters in the Book of Mormon. On the way there we ran into a
man that said he believes only in science. We spoke for a minute,
and I testified to him that I had indeed spoken to God that I asked a
question and he did indeed answer me. Then things changed– he got a bit
different and he got more into the conversation and it turns out that
he does believe in an after life, the only thing he struggled with was
God. So he said he would pray but he didn’t know if he would change.
Then we had a great lesson with Beth.  Thankfully we went over the
scripture about the Lamanites becoming dark and we were able to show
her 2 Nephi 26:33 which makes it quite clear that it doesn’t matter what
your race is to God. So that was good, she took it perfectly well and had
no problem with it.

Nov 25

Today has been great!  We went to Manchester and an Area Seventy was there he was amazing and taught us a lot of great things.

We got fed a thanksgiving dinner which was amazing and we traveled back. Traveling takes almost three and a half hours, if we had a car it would only take and hour. Trains are just hard sometimes and surprisingly expensive here. But thankfully, the mission pays us back the travel cost. One of the
investigators I taught most of my lessons to is getting baptized next
Saturday.   Hopefully, I get permission from president to travel up and
attend, but I will have to use personal funds.

December 2, 2015

Last weekend Raymond and David, the investigators back in Blackpool
were baptized. I am so happy for them and I wish I could have been
there. Things are going well here in Rhyl, we have finally started
meeting with multiple investigators. The Lord really does His
own work. I am thankful that I am so weak that I have to rely on the
Lord, weakness is just more opportunities for the Lord to be like a
crutch but better than the original legs. It is something that I now
realize– how important this concept is! We are all  rough stones and
where we have too much He chips it off, but where we lack he fills in and He is much  better than we so where he fills in becomes our best.
Nick our new investigator is very a amazing person. He was met during
a street display and the missionary that met him was inspired by God
when he answered Nick’s questions.  His very first question was “Doesn’t
the Big Bang theory prove at there is no God?” and the missionary
answered “Well, what caused the Big Bang?  Something can’t come from
nothing.” and that answer made him believe that there could be a God.
Again, just that simple answer helped him return to hope for a better
world, I hope that as we teach him that that hope will grow into faith
and that faith into a knowledge.

Here is my mission journal.   I didn’t get to go to Raymond and David’s
baptisms. But I am still extremely happy for them and I think about
the amazing moments I was able to witness in their conversions. Well,
the pattern of either me or my companion leaving is staying true.
Elder Hamblin is heading out and I am staying with Elder Layton, my
first non-American companion. He is from England and is great, he is
from our district so I already know him quite well. Elder Bradly our
district leader is headed home and Elder Layton is the new District
Leader. I am excited for the new transfer. I will really miss Elder
Hamblin though we had some good times.

I Love you MUM
Ta for now
From Elder Maughan

Hi Dad

Yes, it is dark here. I am adjusting alright but it is hard for
missionary work.  I take a vitamin D tablet when I feel too sun deprived.
People use the dark as an excuse to shut the door. I can’t believe
the Cougars are getting a new couch . I am sorry that I can’t email
you more.   We have had some big service projects for the last two
Monday’s but next week I should have more time, and I plan on sending
some cards back home for Christmas.

Love you

From Elder Maughan

November 30, 2015


The root beer was great, it’s actually illegal to sell here, they (members)got it from a U.S. Military Base. And the coat is great it keeps me warm, and I miss you too Mom.
I remember thinking that we could never get the ornaments all all on  the tree last year. Did you get more ornaments? Thanksgiving looks amazing, the one we had here was good but not like back home at all.  We had wild boar meat and some other meat and it was nice that they invited us over, they also set off some fire works. I guess that they didn’t know that we didn’t really don’t do fire works for thanksgiving but oh well, they were fun. Wow it sounds like so much is happening back home and I am excited that BYU won the game.  It looks like they turned around. They will be a great team next year.
Things are kind of the same here nothing too exciting happened. I say that but we have had many great things happen lately. Also, we have had a lot of rain lately and it gets dark here so early now. It is kind of depressing not to ever have sunlight, I’m getting use to it though and me and my companion are still working hard. We have a huge teaching pool, but everyone is so busy. We keep trying to get teaching appointments. All of the investigators we are teaching love us and they are making huge progress. Like usual though, most of them smoke and can’t get off of it. I had no idea how addicting smoking was. I feel like a rehab councilor now. I am staying quite warm though.
   One day we thought it was going to be really sunny and nice, even the news said it was going to be. So we put our light jackets on, then halfway through the day clouds gathered and suddenly turned straight into water. In about two minutes I was completely soaked, but we kept knocking and we got some pity from people, they listened more just because they felt sorry for us. We eventually got back to the Flat where I had to dry off with a towel. And I got my heavier coat on.
I think Christmas will be good here, our ward is very nice and cares for us quite well.
 I’m sorry that my emails have been really short I just need to get back to writing my journal.
Love you tons
From Elder Maughan

Thanksgiving look amazing. I got hungery just by looking at the pics you sent me. Nothing beats home cooking, we make lots of pasta here which is nice since it is quick and easy, and quite filling. The snow looked great and I hope you get more and have a white Christmas. We are too close to the sea here to get snow, but we have the tallest mountain in the U.K. right next to us and whenever we take the train I see snow on it. Wow, another hire at BAE from BYUI!  Do you like the other one that you work with? and President of the Rocket club, I didn’t know their was such a thing!  Have fun at the Devotional I bet it will be great.
We find a good amount of success, and we have a good teaching pool.  It just  seems like they push us aside a little since it is the holiday season, but our ward is having a lot of events and they are excited to attend them so hopefully they will make friends with the members. And we are finding new investigators constantly, the main problem we have is just getting them to not cancel appointments, something always crops up and they are busy. But all the ones that have had us over have been consistent and hopefully we can start teaching all of our investigators soon.
That’s all for now, Till next week, Love you
From Elder Maughan

November 23, 2015


We have had a good week, lots of work. Thanks again for the birthday
presents. I used the money in the bank to get a coat for winter, the
trench coat is great but it’s actually very formal here. If I was in
Liverpool or Manchester it would be perfect to wear, but here it
stands out and we don’t want people to know who we are 🙂 Sometimes
people cross the road when they see us coming, so we need to blend in
somewhat. You know what I learned from living in Ridgecrest that has helped me on my mission? I should have been a better member missionary there.   Oh well learned my lesson. I also think I learned how to just push through anything.
Yea– six months almost! I can’t believe it, time is flying fast and
I can hardly believe that I have been in the U.K. For more then a few
days. It is starting to get quite cold and I am so glad for the scarf,
it makes a huge difference. I am always wearing a scarf now, and I will
wear one when I get back home.  They are the best. I can’t believe that
Emily and Dave have been married for seven years wow. Musicality was
always amazing and it sounds like your getting a lot of Gigs this
year. And I have my Christmas box.  It came at the same time as my
birthday box. And I am sure that the members here will treat us well
for Christmas, an American member is treating us to a Thanksgiving

I am the senior companion but it’s really only a title to me. I
think once a missionary goes though all his training he doesn’t need
me bossing him around, unless he’s doing something seriously wrong.
But Elder Hamblin wouldn’t, he is a great missionary and we get along
amazingly and we teach well together. He is from Arizona. We are not
riding bikes in this area since it’s small enough to walk everywhere.
Or bus. I emailed Josh, he’s still working on saving up money for the
mission, and Journey keeps me updated on the swim team. She is already
doing amazing and swim has just started. She works so hard at
swimming. I can’t wait for some big storms too, they are always good,
except I have to be outside in them. Yes, the terrorist threat is bad,
one of the sisters in Rhyl is French and she cried when she heard the
news. Thankfully I’m in a very safe area. lives in Bulgaria. When he
was a young man he was in the military and he would patrol the no man
zone between the West and the Soviet Union.   One day he was on patrol
and his dog got off the lead and ran into the no mans land where there
were mines.  Well a Russian solider on the other side saw the dog and
shot it. Then the man I met raised his machine gun to kill the Russian
but his lieutenant tackled him to the ground and took his gun away. He
almost started World War Three. But he didn’t get in serious trouble
for it which is surprising.
I love speaking with the people and hearing their stories and then
telling them about the gospel, most people like the gospel but many
won’t even stop and talk with us. But those who do are the elect most
of the time.

Sorry I have to cut it short again we are having some crazy p-days.
Till next time.

Elder Maughan