December 14, 2015


So, I just got the details. I will be allowed to call on either Christmas Day or Christmas Eve, at really any time. Let me know what day will be best and I will let you know what time, and its only a half hour long.
That is quite sad for the Baxter family(son died following a kidney transplant), they are quite strong and they have a great ward to help them out. I have run into quite a few sad stories on my mission and really  just share with them Ether Chapter 12 verse 4. Everyone Ether knew died yet he had an anchor that helped him through his trials.
Wow, how is Dad keeping on his diet if your going to so many parties? We have quite a few meals on Christmas week, we are going to the Bishop’s for Christmas Day. He is great and although I feel bad that they have to have us over on a holiday, they are a very nice family so they probably don’t mind too much.
Yes Elder Leighton, he is originally from an area that is five minutes away from the London Temple, although his accent, I guess, is a little off because no one thinks he’s from England. I guess being surrounded by strange accents for a year and a half does that.
Oh and the baptism I was mentioning were in Blackpool, I didn’t get to go to it. Unfortunately, they just made a new rule were we can’t travel back to our old areas, but David and also Raymond got baptized so that is great to know. And this transfer we can have four baptisms.
I can’t wait to see you too (on our Christmas talk). Love you
From Elder Maughan

I am not the district leader, just Elder Leighton, but it is good to see all the things that you have to do to be a district lead. The District meetings and getting in the key indicators and what not.
   Sometimes we get pity points when we are out tracking and it’s a heavy rain.  Then people are usually nicer and the first time I got invited in was when it was raining quite hard, it’s also starting to get really cold, so both those combined makes it quite miserable.
   The game sounds like it will be exciting let me know who wins I’m sure BYU will. I miss you and can’t wait to speak to you soon. Love you
From Elder Maughan

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