December 7, 2015

Nov 24 2015

Today we went to Beth’s house to help her in learning how to read the
harder chapters in the Book of Mormon. On the way there we ran into a
man that said he believes only in science. We spoke for a minute,
and I testified to him that I had indeed spoken to God that I asked a
question and he did indeed answer me. Then things changed– he got a bit
different and he got more into the conversation and it turns out that
he does believe in an after life, the only thing he struggled with was
God. So he said he would pray but he didn’t know if he would change.
Then we had a great lesson with Beth.  Thankfully we went over the
scripture about the Lamanites becoming dark and we were able to show
her 2 Nephi 26:33 which makes it quite clear that it doesn’t matter what
your race is to God. So that was good, she took it perfectly well and had
no problem with it.

Nov 25

Today has been great!  We went to Manchester and an Area Seventy was there he was amazing and taught us a lot of great things.

We got fed a thanksgiving dinner which was amazing and we traveled back. Traveling takes almost three and a half hours, if we had a car it would only take and hour. Trains are just hard sometimes and surprisingly expensive here. But thankfully, the mission pays us back the travel cost. One of the
investigators I taught most of my lessons to is getting baptized next
Saturday.   Hopefully, I get permission from president to travel up and
attend, but I will have to use personal funds.

December 2, 2015

Last weekend Raymond and David, the investigators back in Blackpool
were baptized. I am so happy for them and I wish I could have been
there. Things are going well here in Rhyl, we have finally started
meeting with multiple investigators. The Lord really does His
own work. I am thankful that I am so weak that I have to rely on the
Lord, weakness is just more opportunities for the Lord to be like a
crutch but better than the original legs. It is something that I now
realize– how important this concept is! We are all  rough stones and
where we have too much He chips it off, but where we lack he fills in and He is much  better than we so where he fills in becomes our best.
Nick our new investigator is very a amazing person. He was met during
a street display and the missionary that met him was inspired by God
when he answered Nick’s questions.  His very first question was “Doesn’t
the Big Bang theory prove at there is no God?” and the missionary
answered “Well, what caused the Big Bang?  Something can’t come from
nothing.” and that answer made him believe that there could be a God.
Again, just that simple answer helped him return to hope for a better
world, I hope that as we teach him that that hope will grow into faith
and that faith into a knowledge.

Here is my mission journal.   I didn’t get to go to Raymond and David’s
baptisms. But I am still extremely happy for them and I think about
the amazing moments I was able to witness in their conversions. Well,
the pattern of either me or my companion leaving is staying true.
Elder Hamblin is heading out and I am staying with Elder Layton, my
first non-American companion. He is from England and is great, he is
from our district so I already know him quite well. Elder Bradly our
district leader is headed home and Elder Layton is the new District
Leader. I am excited for the new transfer. I will really miss Elder
Hamblin though we had some good times.

I Love you MUM
Ta for now
From Elder Maughan

Hi Dad

Yes, it is dark here. I am adjusting alright but it is hard for
missionary work.  I take a vitamin D tablet when I feel too sun deprived.
People use the dark as an excuse to shut the door. I can’t believe
the Cougars are getting a new couch . I am sorry that I can’t email
you more.   We have had some big service projects for the last two
Monday’s but next week I should have more time, and I plan on sending
some cards back home for Christmas.

Love you

From Elder Maughan


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