November 23, 2015


We have had a good week, lots of work. Thanks again for the birthday
presents. I used the money in the bank to get a coat for winter, the
trench coat is great but it’s actually very formal here. If I was in
Liverpool or Manchester it would be perfect to wear, but here it
stands out and we don’t want people to know who we are ūüôā Sometimes
people cross the road when they see us coming, so we need to blend in
somewhat. You know what I learned from living in Ridgecrest that has helped me on my mission? I should have been a better member missionary there.   Oh well learned my lesson. I also think I learned how to just push through anything.
Yea– six months almost! I can’t believe it, time is flying fast and
I can hardly believe that I have been in the U.K. For more then a few
days. It is starting to get quite cold and I am so glad for the scarf,
it makes a huge difference. I am always wearing a scarf now, and I will
wear one when I get back home. ¬†They are the best. I can’t believe that
Emily and Dave have been married for seven years wow. Musicality was
always amazing and it sounds like your getting a lot of Gigs this
year. And I have my Christmas box.  It came at the same time as my
birthday box. And I am sure that the members here will treat us well
for Christmas, an American member is treating us to a Thanksgiving

I am the senior companion but it’s really only a title to me. I
think once a missionary goes though all his training he doesn’t need
me bossing him around, unless he’s doing something seriously wrong.
But Elder Hamblin wouldn’t, he is a great missionary and we get along
amazingly and we teach well together. He is from Arizona. We are not
riding bikes in this area since it’s small enough to walk everywhere.
Or bus. I emailed Josh, he’s still working on saving up money for the
mission, and Journey keeps me updated on the swim team. She is already
doing amazing and swim has just started. She works so hard at
swimming. I can’t wait for some big storms too, they are always good,
except I have to be outside in them. Yes, the terrorist threat is bad,
one of the sisters in Rhyl is French and she cried when she heard the
news. Thankfully I’m in a very safe area.¬†lives¬†in Bulgaria. When he
was a young man he was in the military and he would patrol the no man
zone between the West and the Soviet Union.   One day he was on patrol
and his dog got off the lead and ran into the no mans land where there
were mines.  Well a Russian solider on the other side saw the dog and
shot it. Then the man I met raised his machine gun to kill the Russian
but his lieutenant tackled him to the ground and took his gun away. He
almost started World War Three. But he didn’t get in serious trouble
for it which is surprising.
I love speaking with the people and hearing their stories and then
telling them about the gospel, most people like the gospel but many
won’t even stop and talk with us. But those who do are the elect most
of the time.

Sorry I have to cut it short again we are having some crazy p-days.
Till next time.

Elder Maughan


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