November 30, 2015


The root beer was great, it’s actually illegal to sell here, they (members)got it from a U.S. Military Base. And the coat is great it keeps me warm, and I miss you too Mom.
I remember thinking that we could never get the ornaments all all on  the tree last year. Did you get more ornaments? Thanksgiving looks amazing, the one we had here was good but not like back home at all.  We had wild boar meat and some other meat and it was nice that they invited us over, they also set off some fire works. I guess that they didn’t know that we didn’t really don’t do fire works for thanksgiving but oh well, they were fun. Wow it sounds like so much is happening back home and I am excited that BYU won the game.  It looks like they turned around. They will be a great team next year.
Things are kind of the same here nothing too exciting happened. I say that but we have had many great things happen lately. Also, we have had a lot of rain lately and it gets dark here so early now. It is kind of depressing not to ever have sunlight, I’m getting use to it though and me and my companion are still working hard. We have a huge teaching pool, but everyone is so busy. We keep trying to get teaching appointments. All of the investigators we are teaching love us and they are making huge progress. Like usual though, most of them smoke and can’t get off of it. I had no idea how addicting smoking was. I feel like a rehab councilor now. I am staying quite warm though.
   One day we thought it was going to be really sunny and nice, even the news said it was going to be. So we put our light jackets on, then halfway through the day clouds gathered and suddenly turned straight into water. In about two minutes I was completely soaked, but we kept knocking and we got some pity from people, they listened more just because they felt sorry for us. We eventually got back to the Flat where I had to dry off with a towel. And I got my heavier coat on.
I think Christmas will be good here, our ward is very nice and cares for us quite well.
 I’m sorry that my emails have been really short I just need to get back to writing my journal.
Love you tons
From Elder Maughan

Thanksgiving look amazing. I got hungery just by looking at the pics you sent me. Nothing beats home cooking, we make lots of pasta here which is nice since it is quick and easy, and quite filling. The snow looked great and I hope you get more and have a white Christmas. We are too close to the sea here to get snow, but we have the tallest mountain in the U.K. right next to us and whenever we take the train I see snow on it. Wow, another hire at BAE from BYUI!  Do you like the other one that you work with? and President of the Rocket club, I didn’t know their was such a thing!  Have fun at the Devotional I bet it will be great.
We find a good amount of success, and we have a good teaching pool.  It just  seems like they push us aside a little since it is the holiday season, but our ward is having a lot of events and they are excited to attend them so hopefully they will make friends with the members. And we are finding new investigators constantly, the main problem we have is just getting them to not cancel appointments, something always crops up and they are busy. But all the ones that have had us over have been consistent and hopefully we can start teaching all of our investigators soon.
That’s all for now, Till next week, Love you
From Elder Maughan

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