December 21, 2015

Mom and Dad,

Details on calling you, I will be using face time, so I will just face time the mantuamoose email account Christmas Day at 12:00 Noon and I will get face time or skype, one of the two, working.
I cant wait for Christmas either, tomorrow and Christmas and New Year’s are the only days we have off. They have changed the rules just barely in our mission. We can only watch church produced movies or church related movies during Christmas, some missionaries are quite sad that they are loosing the Disney movies– I’m alright with it though.
It sounds like you’ll have a great Christmas with Parker and Emily and Cooper and Dave. And Mom, I wish you a happy birthday.  If I see anything with in budget that I think people might like I will mail it over eventually.
We will be going to two members homes during Christmas–the Tates and Bishop’s. They are both very good families and I’m excited to spend Christmas with them. Also, the ward showered us with gifts this Sunday. It was amazing, as you can see in the picture, a lot of those cards and gifts are from the members.  And sorry, I haven’t had time to finish decorating the tree yet, last week I was exhausted, we are working really hard for the Christmas season since that is when people are a little bit more open.  The other picture is of Me Beth her daughter Yazmin and Elder Hamblin my old companion.
I can’t wait to see all of you!!! Have a great Christmas!
From Elder Maughan
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