December 28, 2015

Mom and Dad,

Hello!  Glad you had a great Christmas, I did too. It was great to talk
to you also, and thanks for all that you sent me.

Also, thank Darlene for the money– it will help me at some point and
also thank Sister Keller.   I am glad that the ward is thinking about me.
I also enjoyed the Christmas cards, I remember writing in them when I
was back home, it’s funny to be on the receiving end of it.  And I’m
working hard to eat my treats.  It’s odd being a missionary when you’re
full and yet people expect you to keep on shoveling down the food:)
Don’t worry I’ll eat your treats first. I love all the gifts also. The
tricky Rubix cube–I will find out how to solve it one of these days
when I have a little time.

So I haven’t shared a mission experience for a while, I have them
every day but I need to get better at writing them down.

I had and interesting experience. I was talking with an Atheist
man. I had just bore my testimony on how I had a witness from God
himself that this is the true church by praying and showing faith and
asking God specifically if the Book of Mormon is true, and that I
heard the Holy Ghost testify to me. The Atheist man went berzerk and
told me that I could not have that happen, that God isn’t real and that
I was crazy.  I told him that most of the other people in our church
have had similar experiences and (if he was correct) that would mean

that all 15 million of the members of the Church
who have done that same thing would all be crazy. He then
said that he would never pray, I then said “Why…. If you believe
their is no God, but you can’t  prove that, then the only reason why
you wouldn’t pray is because you are scared that you are wrong.” He
look stunned. I then said “Well, if you’re scared to pray then I dare you
to pray.”  It was funny, but I think I could have gotten him to pray,
but his friend wanted to go. If all else fails dare them to pray:) I
guess because why do they refuse to pray if their is no God? The only
reason they wouldn’t pray is because they are afraid that they will
get an answer that they’re wrong. At least that’s the conclusion I got

A better story is I taught the principal of prayer five minutes after
that to another man and now he’s ready to be baptized January 20th and
he has gained a witness of the truth of this Church.  I don’t think
anything can hold him back now.

It’s interesting how we really do have to teach to people needs. What
one person might find important, like eternal families, may not work for

another person who may be single and alone. And another needs to learn to pray and exercises faith.

Anyway, I might email you more today.

Till next time,

From Elder Maughan


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