January 11, 2016

Mom and Dad,

Thanks for the advice– I know that you are right, if their is one
important thing I have learned on my mission it is this: Take all good
advice even if it means you have to make some sacrifices.

So this email is quite a bit better and I think I will be getting back
into my groove of emailing again.

This last week has been great, I got a haircut on Monday and visited
the Murry’s house, they are members. Then this Tuesday I went on
exchanges with one of the Elders working in Bangor, his name is Elder
Ding and he is from China. He has a great conversion story,  He use to
be Atheist but his family felt like there had to be more so they
searched for years. They tried Buddhism, but he said that he didn’t
particularly like it and one day he ran into this historian that
explained to him that the Buddhism we have today is much
different then what it was in the past. So Elder Ding said that he
thought this religion must not be true if a historian knows more about
it than a Buddhist Monk. Eventually they found the Church, he said
that his family went all less-active, but since he has gone on a
mission his father has become Branch President and his mother Stake
Relief Society President and that his parents have done a lot of
missionary work and have baptized three families this year, ten people
in total. We had a good exchange.
So really, me and my companion should laugh about this, but oh well.
So one of our investigators (since I just found out that I’m not
supposed to name names I will just call him K.) so K has been taught by
us for two weeks and in those two weeks he has made huge progress,
even stopped smoking. And he gained a spiritual witness of the Book of
Mormon, but one day we show up at his house with our WML.  K comes out
and says “Sorry but I think I’m going to join the Witnesses,” he said
that he had only just met with them a day ago and they didn’t teach
him anything. Anyways our WML said, “Well, don’t worry K, my best friend
is a Witness”  and then are WML said “Well, I guess you’ll have to
kiss your Christmas good bye.” I thought that was funny. K then oddly
enough  bore his testimony that he knows that the Book of Mormon
is a true book and that Joseph Smith was a true prophet. Anyway we
left not really sad because we knew that K will not like some of the
Witness doctrine, especially when they tell him that the Book of
Mormon isn’t true because K loves the Book Of Mormon. We just joke
that he will give a talk in their church one day and that he will bear
his testimony of the Book Of Mormon and of Joseph Smith. We aren’t to0
worried about K, he will be back.
We had our Vision meeting for the New Year we are no
longer having transfer meetings.  We now travel straight to our new
areas. And now with exchanges, both companionships go to the senior
companion ships area.

Saturday we got a lot of new investigators. Nothing to exciting that day.
And Sunday was great. I challenged one person on the street to
baptism, she agreed that she needed to be baptised, but she said that
she didn’t want to change her life or do anything really.  But
challenging people to baptism on the street is actually a great way to
find out what they need to be taught. And then try to resolve their
concerns by teaching them. It works surprisingly well.
After her, we ran into a kid that was so high he was in a
different world.  It’s really hard to see how drugs and alcohol have
destroyed so many people’s lives here in Rhyl and in England. Rhyl is
one of the most deprived towns, it’s like a mini Blackpool. It’s like
being in a very rich third world country. They spend tons of money on
the beach front for tourists, but then you get into some of the back
streets and you’re in absolute poverty.

I actually have a sweater from home that I wear sometimes, it is an
unusually warm winter right now, but they say that will change soon.
This morning was already colder. If I need anything I will be sure to
let you know.  As for now adieu.

From Elder Maughan


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