January 18, 2016

Mom and Dad,

This week has been good. I went on exchange with the zone leaders,
they do exchanges differently now, they had both me and my companion
go to the zone leader’s flat. So, we had district meeting on Tuesday and
we got on the train in Colan Bay and went to Chester. We joined them in
a street display, but it was raining really hard. We had a little bit
of success, but very little due to the rain. Oh! I have to tell you,
this is probably one of the most funny things that’s happened to me
during a street display. I spoke to this old Granny and she stops,
then after I teach her a little she says, with a heavy German accent,
“Where is you hat?” It had just started to rain so I hadn’t pulled it
out yet, so I quickly got it out of my pocket and put it on. She then
said  “Good, you should always have hat on during this weather. You are
too skinny, you need something to eat, to put some more meat on those
bones.” It’s just the thing that they show in all the movies that the
old grannies say. Anyway, she grabbed my arm and started to lead me to
a bakery. I just said “Oh thank you, but I have to stay here and keep
doing the street display.” Well, she just ignored me and took me into
the shop where she bought me two Danishes and four sausage roll. I
thanked her, then went back to the street display. I kept trying to
teach her the gospel then I said,  “Well thank you for giving me so much,
the least I can do is leave you with the Book of Mormon.” She said that
she couldn’t take my book, and she didn’t seem to understand English
that well. The Danishes were very good, and I had a good laugh with
the other missionaries over it. I’m sure the Lord will bless her.
The exchange went very well with the zone leaders. Really it was
just normal work, but we got to drive around in their car. I miss
driving so much.  I hope President asks me to drive, I’ve basically
done all the stuff to learn how to drive here because all of my
companions have been learning how to drive
When we got back to our area we visited our investigator who was
thinking of joining the Witnesses.  Thankfully, it doesn’t sound like
he’s even taking lessons from them now. And he still has a firm testimony
of the Book of Mormon and of Joseph Smith. And he even said he wanted
to be baptized soon and he meant for us to baptize him. So, things will
get moving along with him soon enough. And the rest of our
investigators are doing alright.  It’s all part of missionary work,
constantly loosing and gaining Investigators.
I guess we have a big broadcast coming up. We have to host our
zone in the Rhyl Chapel, and we will have a zone street display here
in Rhyl which will be interesting to see. And the weather is getting
worse. December was actually quite warm, but now it’s starting to ice
and we are getting cold rain now. But I haven’t had any problems with
it yet, so thanks for all the prayers from home.  I’ve been the
healthiest in my life, even though I feel like I’m swimming through
the streets in the ice cold rain.
Thanks for the news Mom and Dad.  I will send some pictures to you later today.

Till next week,

From Elder Maughan


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