January 4, 2016

Hi Mom and Dad,

Thanks for the wonderfully long email, it was the best to hear about
everything. I feel I am not doing as good of a job informing you.

Me and my companion do get along well.  He has so many funny stories
and he had a really bad companion last transfer so I think he’s
happier now. We had a great first week but the holidays were hard
because no one really wanted to stop and talk to us.  But now that the
holidays after over I can already see an improvement in our numbers.

The last two weeks were probably the worst, missionary work wise.  I
loved seeing you and I had fun during Christmas but I’m ready to get
back to work. Last Saturday we had a great street display, I talked to
tons of people but I ran into a person of the Jewish faith for the
first time. He was curious so I taught him about the Book of Mormon and
he was somewhat dismissive at first but I bore testimony of it and I am
pretty sure the Holy Ghost testified to him because he then wanted a
book, he was even willing to pay for it. I gave it to him and said
it was free as long as he read it and prayed about it, then he asked
for my email, so he could tell me how it goes. So that was great, then
right after that I taught a Muslim man who was also very interested
about the book, and he took one to read and pray about as well, so
quite an interesting experience.

Anyways, sorry it’s a bit short, but
I love you and I appreciate the emails and photos.

Have a great week.

From Elder Maughan


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