January 25, 2016

DSCN0596.JPGA view of the beach you can see they have hundreds of windmills right off the shore. And my companion drew me as Iron man.

 Dear Mom and Dad,
Sorry again (for the short email). Mom I love you and things are going well. My companion had driving lessons which he did great on so hopefully he passes the test this Thursday.
That Granny was nice  and if I ever see her again I’ll tell her that you said thanks. I hope I drive soon too, I heard from other missionaries that I get 15% discount back home on insurance if I get a U.K. Drivers licence. I miss the snow this year. Wow, I can’t wait to get the new Christmas CD, I remember Musicality being really good.
I got a few cultural keepsakes from Rhyl now, and I actually have many keepsakes that were given to me by random people who wanted to give me something.
I feel a bit more seasoned (as a missionary) and I still feel like it’s flying past. You know it’s hard to know if you have changed or not, but I think that I have. I did get a little sick this week. I won’t be letting sickness stop me though, so I just went and did the work.
Love you Mom and Dad.  I’m really sorry about not giving you a full email –next week I promise.
From Elder Maughan

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