February 22, 2016

MOM and DAD,

Wow! I am jealous of it being 70 degrees. But, today and yesterday were
both great weather. It was great to see the sun again! It’s funny how
the sunlight just makes you feel better and makes it warmer and
better, but when it’s been gone for a few months you forget how great
it is. I’m sure there’s a gospel analogy there.
It sounds like your having a great time in California and your
foods even paid for. Will Dad ever travel to the U.K. For work?
Let me know all the fun stuff you do.
Yeah, I lost all contact with my Ridgecrest friends, maybe when I get
back I’ll find everyone on facebook or something.

I heard “Wicked” was a great show. I will have to see it when I get back.

I want to send you more pics but the email is so slow about it I never
have time. Next week my companion doesn’t have driving lessons so I can send
pics then and my emails should start getting better again.

Week of Feb 15-21

This week up has been quite great, we have quite a few people we are
teaching now, Beth and Yezmin. John, Jason, Joe, Alex (when we see
him). And we saw almost all of them this week. No one has a solid
baptism date yet. But soon. I hope to see them baptized next transfer.

Yeah, the area is looking promising. Hopefully we see something happen soon.


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