February 29, 2016

Mom and Dad,

So, transfers are this week on Wednesday . Elder Leighton is leaving
Rhyl and I am staying one more transfer. Wow! six months in the same
area! I can’t believe how quickly it’s gone though. Elder Sing is
coming in and is going to be the new district leader and my companion.
The Bishop in the Rhyl Ward actually baptized Elder Sing when he was a
child, so I think that will be interesting. I can tell that Elder Sing
is excited. Elder Leighton is slightly depressed because he hasn’t
been able to pass his driving test. To be fair, the driving test here
is really hard, you make one small mistake and you fail. Without
driving experience I could see how it could be really hard to pass it.

Beth and Yezmin are both going to be baptized on the 26 of March. So
we will be working hard to get Beth to quit smoking by then. Yezmin is
all ready to go. Now, this is really petty I know and I don’t mean it
thas way, but every person I taught and has been baptized in my
area are all baptized by someone else. So I may never get a ‘baptism’
but I don’t care just as long as people are getting baptized.

The weather can’t quite make up its mind– it’s cold then hot then cold
again. So I think in a few weeks we will have good weather again. I
made it through winter though. And in a heavy tracting area. The cold
does just go right through you here. They said it was the wettest
winter they have ever had here in Rhyl so I’m glad I survived it with
only getting one small cold.

So, I am actually having a hard time recalling what happened this week.
Umm, I have already spoken to quite a few Muslims in the street about
the Book of Mormon. They usually want to take a look at it, but some
Muslims can’t even speak to us because it’s against their religion.
I’ve been trying hard to find ways to teach them, they understand
making covenants and technical speaking since the Book of Mormon was
written before Mohammed it should be considered scripture by them.
Although they would say that Allah didn’t give the Nephites all his
knowledge. But, I could go on for hours on how to, well not really teach
but, have a discussion with them which might lead them to investigating
the Church.

Thank you for being such a great mother and father and raising me in a great
home. Tell everyone I said hi and I hope Spencer doesn’t get to stressed.
I’m sure his project will go great,

Love you

From Elder Maughan


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