February 8, 2016

Mom and Dad,

Good day, hope you had a great week. I’ve had a good week. The work is
moving forward. We are hoping that Beth will kick the cigarettes soon.
She’s almost there. And Ken is just impossible, Ahhh! He just is so
confused. He said that he was going to baptized by the 27th but then
he decided to try out the Salvation Army and then we went to his house
and he decided that he was going to join them.  But then we went again
lately and now he’s back with us. Next he’s probably going to tell us
that he’s going to become a Buddhist. I think he will eventually get
with it, he has a testimony of the Book of Mormon and of Joseph Smith.
So eventually we will see him progress. We have quite a few other
investigators–some progressing better then Ken at the moment.
Although Ken does have some funny stories like when he told us about
his military training.  He said that he was sitting in his fox hole
scanning all around when he saw some movement to his left so he looked
and it was a little gecko. “I’ll have that” he said as he reached to
grab it, then he put it in his little bag and went back to his
scanning. So he took that back to his barracks and set it on things to
see it change color. It unfortunately crawled out the window and he
lost it. He has millions of stories, he has one really good one about
how he survived a giant bomb in Northern Ireland, I’ll tell that one
when I get home though it’s too long.
Sometimes Ken says some really funny stuff. When we were
explaining how important it is to know that Joseph Smith was a prophet
and how God uses prophets. Ken said ” God would use a snail if he
needs to.”  Me and my companion had to work hard not to laugh.
You know such crazy things happen to us as missionaries, it’s become
normal now.
I just wish I could do a lot less finding though. I have such
good leg muscles right now because we walk around for hours. I like
Rhyl, the ward is amazing here, but it’s a tough area. So many
missionaries have been here and have worked the same streets for
years. So me and my companion were asked by the bishop to work the
smaller villages in our area. The only problem with that is Elder
Leighton, like most missionaries here doesn’t want to use the bikes, and
with no car it will take us a while. So we will have to decide what to

Crazy–the snow must be so bad this year! Ahh, I can’t believe that
you’ll have to get rid of the coal fire place, it’s so frustrating–regulations.
And usually the propane drivers are good about backing up the road(the drive got stuck in the driveway). Oh well.

Well, I love you tons and hope you have a great week

From Elder Maughan


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