April 25, 2016

MOM and DAD,

The move was crazy–this transfer, they decided that we didn’t need P-day but we have it back this week. So, we moved into a flat that was closed down for one transfer so we came in with no investigators or even real food in the flat, but things are looking up now. We are teaching a Russian family and a few others we met.
Because I still don’t have my IPAD I can’t email that much.  We have to use the library computers which there is a line for, so we only get two hours.
So, we are at the bus stop to go to church and the bus is really late. Suddenly this man (who is Islamic) stops in front of me and asks if we need a ride to church.  Well, I don’t know why but I got in and my companion got in also, anyways it turns out he isn’t a member. But he gave us a ride down. Some of the people here are really, really nice, nicer than native people from the U.K.  I am teaching so many different nationalities now, except English. I have had a great time so far with my new companion, Elder Fraizer.
I will send you some pics next P-day and hopefully my Ipad is up by then so I can email you more.
Love you,
Mom and Dad
From Elder Maughan

April 13, 2016

Mom and Dad,

I am so sorry for not emailing you on Monday.  They got rid of P-day this week. We had transfers on Tuesday  and I am in a new area Blackburn. I white-washed in and re-opened an area so we are literally starting over here. I don’t have much time today,  we have to use our lunch and dinner time to email and shop. It’s been a crazy few days. I have my Ipad, but it won’t work for some reason, so I will keep trying to get it to work. Sorry again. I love you, tell Spencer congrats for me and I will be sure to email you on Monday more. I didn’t have a single chance to email you all or I would have,
I Love you Mom and Dad,
From Elder Maughan

April 4, 2016

Hey Mom and Dad,

We went hiking this P-day and since I didn’t have my IPAD I couldn’t email that much during all the bus rides, sorry. I LOVED Conference and  I was the one who got to perform Beth’s baptism–it was an amazing experience and I will have to tell you more about it when I get back home and I will email you alot more next week. The hike was really fun today, I got a good number of pics to send you. I miss you too Mom and Dad also.

Love you so much.  Please keep praying for me. I know your prayers help. I will get my IPAD next Sunday .

Love you tons,

Bye–Elder Jacob Maughan


March 28, 2016

Mom and Dad,

Happy Easter!!
The baptism went extremely well and the IPAD issue is almost worked out. I have to pay the mission representatives when I seem them next, since I live in exile (ha ha)  I won’t be near anyone for three weeks or so. who knows when I will get a new IPAD. But things are looking up, I don’t care what Satan throws at me now. I’m sure it was just to distract me from the baptism.
The baptism went very well, she could feel the spirit there and so could her daughter.  I think she will get baptized in a few weeks. I have lost a ton of weight, like a lot all my clothes are really loose on me, I will have to bulk up when I get home:)
I am so great full for your prayers. I am sure that is what has kept me going these last few days, I feel renewed now. I can’t tell you how much Dad’s email has helped me (Jeffrey sent Jacob a beautiful email about the ups and downs of missionary service). I now wish that I had listened to his and Spencer and Dave’s missionary stories more.
I know Caleb will do well. If I can do it he certainly can. Thank you for all that you do for me, I want to make you both  proud.
I am so grateful that I had you two as parents.  Now  I see how great you two truly are as I am surrounded by people that aren’t as good to their kids. To be so high they don’t even take notice of them. It makes me sad that many of them won’t change their lives and so their kids have to suffer for their choices.
I know that this will be a great week.
Love you
From Elder Maughan
Thank you for this email, I feel a lot better because of it. I was struggling over nothing this week it’s funny how many of our worries aren’t even real. I see that with investigators all the time, they feel worried about nothing but Satan just tricks them into thinking there is something to be worried about. I think that’s what happened to me. I know now that I need to just push forward loving the people of the U.K. Even if they give me a tough time. But your email helped me realize that as long as I am being obedient and trying.  It doesn’t matter what happens. Parts of my mission are just one long trial that I am trying to endure joyfully. I can feel your prayers giving me strength.
Thank you again dad this is what i needed to hear and I promise some good pictures next time i email we might be hiking mount snowden next pday which should be fun.

March 21, 2016

Dear Mom and Dad,
I fell asleep on the bus and when I woke up my IPAD was gone.  I feel badly about it and need to replace it.  I know hard things happen, especially before a baptism.
But good news is Beth is going to be BAPTIZED!! I am so excited. She has had such a tough life but now the sorrow gets to be washed away and she can start anew. I don’t have much news besides that, we are working hard as usually we have a lot of investigators so hopefully we will see a second baptism this transfer or even a third. England is hard though– it’s tough when most of your day is just rejection and maybe only one or two people listen to you but that’s the name of the game, sifting the wheat from the tares.
   umm lets see …. This last week was really just more missionary work. I’m sorry I need to keep a journal again. I have become pretty decent at door approches when knocking and also street contacting.  It does drone on sometimes, but I will find ways to keep it interesting. The members here are great!  The Bishop is helping us out a lot, The Sister missionaries here in Rhyl have always gotten all the attention and now since the ward has warmed up to me and also my companions, our relationship with this ward has made it so we are stealing some of the sisters tea appointments, I feel bad for them :). But, the excitement will wear off soon enough and the sisters will be getting all the tea appointments soon enough again!  We were going to go to a fun Zone activity, but because I lost my Ipad I couldn’t go because then I wouldn’t have been able to email you and the mission president. I am hope you have fun at Dave and Emily’s home. I will be skyping you all soon for Mother’s day, I hope all can make it.
     I am looking forward to this next week. I hope you have a wonderful week also, Thank you for all you do for me and for the money for the ipad. I love you to space and back a million times also.
From ~Elder Maughan

March 14, 2016

MOM and DAD,

Sorry it’s a short email this week–we had to go to a specific store for
my companion, just this week though. It took us a while to get there
and back.  I think I already sent you most of this email just making

So the only thing I could really talk about this week that’s new is
being exactly obedient.  Our mission president has told us that if we
make sure our morning and night schedules are perfect we will see the
blessings and so far that’s been working, I was never disobedient but
sometimes I would be not studying my hardest or getting out of bed a
minute late, but now I’m trying my hardest to be exact. The time is
flying but also I do feel like I am starting to be more a veteran. In
the next three transfers we will lose a lot of our senior
missionaries, most of whom are zone leaders. About fifty missionaries
will be leaving, mostly elders, and over a few transfers forty new
missionaries will be coming in and only nine of them are elders. So far
the mission is doing better even though it has a lot less missionaries
in it.

It is exciting that Beth stopped smoking this Sunday and she has a few days
to keep off the cigs, then it should be smoothish sailing towards
baptism. Pray for her. She has had a lot  of help from this ward which
has helped her feel more at home here.

We have decided to start working with less active members.  Many of
them are part-member families so we hope to bring them all to church.
It’s sad because many of these les- actives know they need to come back
and almost all of them still have a testimony of the Book Of Mormon–
they just have some concern that we need to resolve.

I’m glad to hear that Caleb (Jacob’s good friend) gave a great farewell talk. Tell Connor
that he’s the man for me.

Thats great that you will be able to visit Em and Dave.  When is
Mother’s Day this year?  Sorry , I was thrown off since the English
Mother’s Day is on a diffrent day, will everyone be able to make it to

Love you mom and dad.  Thank you so much,

From Elder Maughan

March 7, 2016

Mom and Dad,

I love the emails you send me, they are so great and keep me
somewhat in the loop.

The weather was really bad this last week but for the first time in a
month, I can see blue skies today. It’s amazing the difference the sun

I am missing you all, but it’s great that the work usually keeps me
busy so I don’t have time to think of home. I am praying for you and I
know that you are for me, tender mercies every day.

Wow Mckenzie (Jake’s Cousin) is married, ha!  you know you’ve been out for a while when
people you know back home start getting married. I am starting to feel
old in the mission. Soon 40 of our veterans will be moving out and we
will be getting a lot of younger missionaries. I bet I will train a
missionary soon just because of how many new ones will be moving in.

Service is great, I’ve seen how it helps in so many ways. With summer
coming I’m sure a lot of the members will invite us to help them.

So big news! I don’t know if I told you, but the new Elder here was
baptized by the bishop of this ward when that bishop was on his mission
in South America. Crazy. So Bishop, of course, had us over for a meal
and they chatted and all the members think it’s quite interesting.
Elder Singh is good– he is From Ghana and loves the gospel. Beth and
Yezmin are still on tract for baptism. I think this transfer will go

Nothing too notable besides that has happened. I mean I teach people
daily, Atheists, Catholics, Church of England, and crazies,
on and on and tons of talking each day. It’s so exhausting, even
though I’m not even moving though, it’s just talking. I think I’m going
slightly crazy 🙂 just kidding I have already gone fully crazy . But
I’m still working my hardest so nothing else matters just as long as
I’m doing the work of the Lord.

Love you,
Email you next week
From Elder Maughan