March 14, 2016

MOM and DAD,

Sorry it’s a short email this week–we had to go to a specific store for
my companion, just this week though. It took us a while to get there
and back.  I think I already sent you most of this email just making

So the only thing I could really talk about this week that’s new is
being exactly obedient.  Our mission president has told us that if we
make sure our morning and night schedules are perfect we will see the
blessings and so far that’s been working, I was never disobedient but
sometimes I would be not studying my hardest or getting out of bed a
minute late, but now I’m trying my hardest to be exact. The time is
flying but also I do feel like I am starting to be more a veteran. In
the next three transfers we will lose a lot of our senior
missionaries, most of whom are zone leaders. About fifty missionaries
will be leaving, mostly elders, and over a few transfers forty new
missionaries will be coming in and only nine of them are elders. So far
the mission is doing better even though it has a lot less missionaries
in it.

It is exciting that Beth stopped smoking this Sunday and she has a few days
to keep off the cigs, then it should be smoothish sailing towards
baptism. Pray for her. She has had a lot  of help from this ward which
has helped her feel more at home here.

We have decided to start working with less active members.  Many of
them are part-member families so we hope to bring them all to church.
It’s sad because many of these les- actives know they need to come back
and almost all of them still have a testimony of the Book Of Mormon–
they just have some concern that we need to resolve.

I’m glad to hear that Caleb (Jacob’s good friend) gave a great farewell talk. Tell Connor
that he’s the man for me.

Thats great that you will be able to visit Em and Dave.  When is
Mother’s Day this year?  Sorry , I was thrown off since the English
Mother’s Day is on a diffrent day, will everyone be able to make it to

Love you mom and dad.  Thank you so much,

From Elder Maughan


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