March 28, 2016

Mom and Dad,

Happy Easter!!
The baptism went extremely well and the IPAD issue is almost worked out. I have to pay the mission representatives when I seem them next, since I live in exile (ha ha)  I won’t be near anyone for three weeks or so. who knows when I will get a new IPAD. But things are looking up, I don’t care what Satan throws at me now. I’m sure it was just to distract me from the baptism.
The baptism went very well, she could feel the spirit there and so could her daughter.  I think she will get baptized in a few weeks. I have lost a ton of weight, like a lot all my clothes are really loose on me, I will have to bulk up when I get home:)
I am so great full for your prayers. I am sure that is what has kept me going these last few days, I feel renewed now. I can’t tell you how much Dad’s email has helped me (Jeffrey sent Jacob a beautiful email about the ups and downs of missionary service). I now wish that I had listened to his and Spencer and Dave’s missionary stories more.
I know Caleb will do well. If I can do it he certainly can. Thank you for all that you do for me, I want to make you both  proud.
I am so grateful that I had you two as parents.  Now  I see how great you two truly are as I am surrounded by people that aren’t as good to their kids. To be so high they don’t even take notice of them. It makes me sad that many of them won’t change their lives and so their kids have to suffer for their choices.
I know that this will be a great week.
Love you
From Elder Maughan
Thank you for this email, I feel a lot better because of it. I was struggling over nothing this week it’s funny how many of our worries aren’t even real. I see that with investigators all the time, they feel worried about nothing but Satan just tricks them into thinking there is something to be worried about. I think that’s what happened to me. I know now that I need to just push forward loving the people of the U.K. Even if they give me a tough time. But your email helped me realize that as long as I am being obedient and trying.  It doesn’t matter what happens. Parts of my mission are just one long trial that I am trying to endure joyfully. I can feel your prayers giving me strength.
Thank you again dad this is what i needed to hear and I promise some good pictures next time i email we might be hiking mount snowden next pday which should be fun.

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