March 7, 2016

Mom and Dad,

I love the emails you send me, they are so great and keep me
somewhat in the loop.

The weather was really bad this last week but for the first time in a
month, I can see blue skies today. It’s amazing the difference the sun

I am missing you all, but it’s great that the work usually keeps me
busy so I don’t have time to think of home. I am praying for you and I
know that you are for me, tender mercies every day.

Wow Mckenzie (Jake’s Cousin) is married, ha!  you know you’ve been out for a while when
people you know back home start getting married. I am starting to feel
old in the mission. Soon 40 of our veterans will be moving out and we
will be getting a lot of younger missionaries. I bet I will train a
missionary soon just because of how many new ones will be moving in.

Service is great, I’ve seen how it helps in so many ways. With summer
coming I’m sure a lot of the members will invite us to help them.

So big news! I don’t know if I told you, but the new Elder here was
baptized by the bishop of this ward when that bishop was on his mission
in South America. Crazy. So Bishop, of course, had us over for a meal
and they chatted and all the members think it’s quite interesting.
Elder Singh is good– he is From Ghana and loves the gospel. Beth and
Yezmin are still on tract for baptism. I think this transfer will go

Nothing too notable besides that has happened. I mean I teach people
daily, Atheists, Catholics, Church of England, and crazies,
on and on and tons of talking each day. It’s so exhausting, even
though I’m not even moving though, it’s just talking. I think I’m going
slightly crazy 🙂 just kidding I have already gone fully crazy . But
I’m still working my hardest so nothing else matters just as long as
I’m doing the work of the Lord.

Love you,
Email you next week
From Elder Maughan


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