June 6, 2016

Mom and Dad,

This year has flown, I can’t believe how fast it goes. The Iranian man
still wants to be baptised but unfortunately we have to wait till he
gets a Visa. The government has started to send some people back to Iran and if they
go back or are sent back it’s bad. Hopefully he is able to stay.  I will keep working hard.

Ha!  Yeah I know you miss the free labour ha ha ! (We had done lots of yard work.) No, I actually miss helping you out, I have learned how to enjoy work and really I love doing yard
work now!  It’s fun to see your work make someone’s house better. We do
service once every now and then and last time I cleaned our a hoarders
house. The nice thing was that he was a clean hoarder, he had fifty of
everything.  He gave me a jacket and head phones but I don’t know what
to do with them ’cause I can’t use them on the mission.

I can’t wait to do the biking again.  This p day is cut shorter again. No time.
Elder Oaks is visiting the mission he is going to hold a meeting for
two hours with the missionaries and I will get to shake his hand! I
will let you know all about it next week’s email.

Love you Mom and Dad,

Bye from Elder Maughan


May 31, 2016


So, it was transfers week and they moved emailing to Tuesday and I
didn’t get transferred and my companion didn’t either. I love getting
your emails also I wouldn’t be able to feel right without them. I miss
you both.

Yes, we are finding many people to teach and they are so prepared.
Starting next week we will have a baptism every week if all goes to
plan. The Iranian man is 100% changed and converted.  I actually gave a
talk on how change of you through repentance leads to conversion and that
is what happened to this man.  He told someone that was interpreting for him
that he wish that he could speak better English so he could really
express how grateful he is to us.

I miss those four wheeling trips the most(we just went on a trip with family friends), I think because of the closeness of family.  It’s so true that family is the main source of
happiness and joy. Those trips were the best. I hope you have lots of

The weather has actually been very good here.  We have had probably a
week of sunny days or semi-sunny.  This summer is supposed to be the
hottest England has had in a while, or at least that’s what the weather
people predict.

I love you MOM and I Love you too Dad, more then I realized thank you

From Elder Maughan


May 23, 2016

Mom and Dad,

This week was really eventful.  We have seen two people ready for
baptism that came out of nowhere, one was a man not of the Christian faith
who we stopped on the street. He didn’t know English very well so we
gave him a Book of Mormon in his language, and apparently  he read
fifty pages and two of those pages completely converted him to
Christianity.  We are going to try to find out what those two pages
The other man, Dave, is interested because he studied the Church with
missionaries years ago but when we stopped him on the street this time
he felt the Spirit really strongly and every time we teach he feels
the Spirit so he already knows it to be true.

So, transfers are coming up hopefully.  I don’t move so I can see them
baptized. But what ever the Lord wills.
The rest of the weeks was either finding more people to teach or
just teaching less-actives in the ward. The ward is growing which is
good, more less actives are coming again. All the people in England,
when they find out I am American ask about Donald Trump, and I just
have to shrug because I have no clue since we dont watch the news and
aren’t suppose to talk about politics. Im glad that I don’t have to
worry about that stuff.

I loved your emails this week.  Thanks again for sending them each week.

Love you to space and back five billion times,
from Elder Maughan

May 16, 2016

Mom and Dad,

It was so great to see you both  and wish you a happy Mother’s Day Mom! I am so
blessed that you are my mom.  You’re the the best mom in the world.  Thank
you for being the best.

Mom, I do like to share your conversion story with others. I know the gospel
can help these people. It is hard to get them to take a minute and try

Wow, I can’t believe that Braden (friend) is extended his mission. I guess six
weeks isn’t too long but still.  He is great– I wonder how the mission
has changed him. I don’t think I can extend my mission, my Visa
expires the end of June and I’ve heard you can’t really get it renewed.

I can’t believe no one signed up to feed the missionaries! I thought they would
have tea appointments every day. We get usually three a week since
there are two sets of missionaries in this ward.

Man how is Darlene (family friend) doing with two wedding in a summer– it’s quite a lot to take in, you know your getting old in the mission when you hear of people you know
getting married back home. Dang, I’ll miss all that good wedding

It’s amazing how well the temple grounds are kept here. The grounds are
massive,here they pay someone to do the grounds. I think the members help
out sometime though. Every bush is trimmed with not one leaf out of
place. It is so beautiful. I will take some more pictures and send them
your way.

So, this week has been good. Yesterday, right after Church we ran into
this man.  He didn’t speak English very well but he was from Iran.  We
gave him an Arabic Book of Mormon.  He was very interested and I wish I
could tell more of his story but we aren’t supposed to disclose to
much information over email. We have to be very careful in our teaching with
Muslims. But they won’t give us any problems or harm us– the ones here
are very peaceful and mostly second or third generations in the
country. Yesterday, we had a great lesson with a recent convert. She was
being bullied about being a Mormon and I found a video about kids her
age who were from New York and were also being bullied because of their church membership. But we just spoke with her and you could tell that a weight was lifted off her.
When we left she was smiling, so that was good. It’s hard because even
adults here will make fun of you if you’re Mormon. They don’t make fun
of you if you’re Church of England or Catholic–which most people here
are. It’s odd how sometimes the Atheists are kinder than Believers.
Although you run into some nasty Atheists too. But every now and then
you find someone that smiles back at you and says hi– then you know
that person is ready to hear the Gospel, even though we still try to
stop everyone on the street or the bus.

Always busy .

Love you to space and back a trillion times

From Elder Maughan

April 25, 2016

Mom and Dad,

That sounds so great (Spencer’s BYU Graduation)!!! I will Email Spencer and tell him congrats. Wow! so much is happening! I am glad you two are having good times with each other and that everything is going alright.
   Thank you so much for the detailed emails.
So, this area is quite unique. I have been in what is considered some of the most destitute of all the areas in the U.K.  I now realize that the little town of Rhyl, Wales was such an amazing blessing.
  Blackburn–well, I haven’t actually been in town that often.  We have had two street displays in the Blackburn town center. I am actually stationed in Accrington. And the big joke around here is,”Where’s that?”  because Accrington is consider an out of the way area. So, there are a lot of people living here that are not from the U.K.  I have grown to love the people–they are humble, and, at the same time, many of them are Islamic so they don’t believe Christ as being the son of God.  But many of them are still interested in hearing what we have to say. When we teach them about our beliefs they always teach us about theirs. Usually they are really nice and polite, it’s hard because there is a serious danger if some of them convert so we have to be sensitive.  If they’re not legal here we can’t teach them.
    We have had some crazy things happen, I would love to write about some of it, but I don’t want you to worry. We have success though.  The Russian family is learning, painfully slow, due to the language barrier, but we have a Russian members that will come with us this Wednesday to help us out.  They will probably become good friends with them. Yesterday, one man just invited us in while we were tracting and he loved the message of the Restoration.  We committed him to pray about it and if he comes to the knowledge of the truth of it he said he would be baptized. He wants to read and pray by him self, so he doesn’t want us to return right away,but he said that we could come back in a week. He is a miracle.  I know that if he does sincerely read and pray that he will gain a testimony from the Holy Ghost. We work hard, sacrificing dinner time some days and some of p-day just trying to please God and see the work progress.
I love the emails and I love you both.
From Elder Maughan
Dear Dad,
Thank you for this email, I feel a lot better because of it. I was struggling over nothing this week.  It’s funny how many of our worries aren’t even real. I see that with investigators all the time, they feel worried about nothing but Satan just tricks them into thinking there is something to be worried about. I think that’s what happened to me. I know now that I need to just push forward loving the people of The U.K. Even if they give me a tough time. But your email help me realize that as long as I am being obedient and trying it doesn’t matter what happens.  My entire mission is just one long experience with some trials that I am trying to endure joyfully. I can feel your prayers giving me strength.
Thank you again Dad.  This is what I needed to hear and I promise some good pictures next time i email.  We might be hiking Mount Snowden next pday which should be fun.
Elder Maughan

April 18, 2016

MOM and DAD,

The move was crazy this transfer! they decided that we didn’t need a P-day, but we have it back this week. So we moved into a flat that was closed down for one tranfer.  So, we came in with no investigators or even real food in the flat, but things are looking up now. We are teaching a Russian family and a few others we met.
Because I still don’t have my Ipad I can’t email that much.  We have to use the library computers which there is a line for and we only get two hours total.
So, we are at the bus stop to go to church and the bus is really late. Suddenly this man (who is Islamic) stops in front of me and asks if we need a ride to church.  Well, I don’t know why but I get in and my companion gets in also.  Anyways, it turns out he isn’t a member. But he gave us a ride down to church. Some of the international people here are really really nice, nicer then native people from the U.K. I am teaching so many different nationalities now, except English. I have had a great time so far with my new companion Elder Fraizer!
I will send you some pics next P-day and hopefully my Ipad is up by then so I can email you more!
Love you Mom and Dad!
From Elder Maughan

April 13, 2016

Mom and Dad,

I am so sorry for not emailing you on Monday. They got rid of P-day this week. we had transfers on Tuesday.  I am in a new area, Blackburn. I white-washed in and re-opened an area so we are literally starting over here. I don’t have much time today since we have to use our lunch and dinner time to email and shop. Man! it’s been a crazy few days. I have my Ipad, but it won’t work for some reason so I will keep trying to get it to work.  I love you.  Tell Spencer congrats for me (Senior Show at BYU) and I will be sure to email you on Monday more. I didn’t have a single chance to email you all or I would have.
I Love you Mom and Dad.
From Elder Maughan