April 18, 2016

MOM and DAD,

The move was crazy this transfer! they decided that we didn’t need a P-day, but we have it back this week. So we moved into a flat that was closed down for one tranfer.  So, we came in with no investigators or even real food in the flat, but things are looking up now. We are teaching a Russian family and a few others we met.
Because I still don’t have my Ipad I can’t email that much.  We have to use the library computers which there is a line for and we only get two hours total.
So, we are at the bus stop to go to church and the bus is really late. Suddenly this man (who is Islamic) stops in front of me and asks if we need a ride to church.  Well, I don’t know why but I get in and my companion gets in also.  Anyways, it turns out he isn’t a member. But he gave us a ride down to church. Some of the international people here are really really nice, nicer then native people from the U.K. I am teaching so many different nationalities now, except English. I have had a great time so far with my new companion Elder Fraizer!
I will send you some pics next P-day and hopefully my Ipad is up by then so I can email you more!
Love you Mom and Dad!
From Elder Maughan

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