April 25, 2016

Mom and Dad,

That sounds so great (Spencer’s BYU Graduation)!!! I will Email Spencer and tell him congrats. Wow! so much is happening! I am glad you two are having good times with each other and that everything is going alright.
   Thank you so much for the detailed emails.
So, this area is quite unique. I have been in what is considered some of the most destitute of all the areas in the U.K.  I now realize that the little town of Rhyl, Wales was such an amazing blessing.
  Blackburn–well, I haven’t actually been in town that often.  We have had two street displays in the Blackburn town center. I am actually stationed in Accrington. And the big joke around here is,”Where’s that?”  because Accrington is consider an out of the way area. So, there are a lot of people living here that are not from the U.K.  I have grown to love the people–they are humble, and, at the same time, many of them are Islamic so they don’t believe Christ as being the son of God.  But many of them are still interested in hearing what we have to say. When we teach them about our beliefs they always teach us about theirs. Usually they are really nice and polite, it’s hard because there is a serious danger if some of them convert so we have to be sensitive.  If they’re not legal here we can’t teach them.
    We have had some crazy things happen, I would love to write about some of it, but I don’t want you to worry. We have success though.  The Russian family is learning, painfully slow, due to the language barrier, but we have a Russian members that will come with us this Wednesday to help us out.  They will probably become good friends with them. Yesterday, one man just invited us in while we were tracting and he loved the message of the Restoration.  We committed him to pray about it and if he comes to the knowledge of the truth of it he said he would be baptized. He wants to read and pray by him self, so he doesn’t want us to return right away,but he said that we could come back in a week. He is a miracle.  I know that if he does sincerely read and pray that he will gain a testimony from the Holy Ghost. We work hard, sacrificing dinner time some days and some of p-day just trying to please God and see the work progress.
I love the emails and I love you both.
From Elder Maughan
Dear Dad,
Thank you for this email, I feel a lot better because of it. I was struggling over nothing this week.  It’s funny how many of our worries aren’t even real. I see that with investigators all the time, they feel worried about nothing but Satan just tricks them into thinking there is something to be worried about. I think that’s what happened to me. I know now that I need to just push forward loving the people of The U.K. Even if they give me a tough time. But your email help me realize that as long as I am being obedient and trying it doesn’t matter what happens.  My entire mission is just one long experience with some trials that I am trying to endure joyfully. I can feel your prayers giving me strength.
Thank you again Dad.  This is what I needed to hear and I promise some good pictures next time i email.  We might be hiking Mount Snowden next pday which should be fun.
Elder Maughan

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