June 6, 2016

Mom and Dad,

This year has flown, I can’t believe how fast it goes. The Iranian man
still wants to be baptised but unfortunately we have to wait till he
gets a Visa. The government has started to send some people back to Iran and if they
go back or are sent back it’s bad. Hopefully he is able to stay.  I will keep working hard.

Ha!  Yeah I know you miss the free labour ha ha ! (We had done lots of yard work.) No, I actually miss helping you out, I have learned how to enjoy work and really I love doing yard
work now!  It’s fun to see your work make someone’s house better. We do
service once every now and then and last time I cleaned our a hoarders
house. The nice thing was that he was a clean hoarder, he had fifty of
everything.  He gave me a jacket and head phones but I don’t know what
to do with them ’cause I can’t use them on the mission.

I can’t wait to do the biking again.  This p day is cut shorter again. No time.
Elder Oaks is visiting the mission he is going to hold a meeting for
two hours with the missionaries and I will get to shake his hand! I
will let you know all about it next week’s email.

Love you Mom and Dad,

Bye from Elder Maughan


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