May 16, 2016

Mom and Dad,

It was so great to see you both  and wish you a happy Mother’s Day Mom! I am so
blessed that you are my mom.  You’re the the best mom in the world.  Thank
you for being the best.

Mom, I do like to share your conversion story with others. I know the gospel
can help these people. It is hard to get them to take a minute and try

Wow, I can’t believe that Braden (friend) is extended his mission. I guess six
weeks isn’t too long but still.  He is great– I wonder how the mission
has changed him. I don’t think I can extend my mission, my Visa
expires the end of June and I’ve heard you can’t really get it renewed.

I can’t believe no one signed up to feed the missionaries! I thought they would
have tea appointments every day. We get usually three a week since
there are two sets of missionaries in this ward.

Man how is Darlene (family friend) doing with two wedding in a summer– it’s quite a lot to take in, you know your getting old in the mission when you hear of people you know
getting married back home. Dang, I’ll miss all that good wedding

It’s amazing how well the temple grounds are kept here. The grounds are
massive,here they pay someone to do the grounds. I think the members help
out sometime though. Every bush is trimmed with not one leaf out of
place. It is so beautiful. I will take some more pictures and send them
your way.

So, this week has been good. Yesterday, right after Church we ran into
this man.  He didn’t speak English very well but he was from Iran.  We
gave him an Arabic Book of Mormon.  He was very interested and I wish I
could tell more of his story but we aren’t supposed to disclose to
much information over email. We have to be very careful in our teaching with
Muslims. But they won’t give us any problems or harm us– the ones here
are very peaceful and mostly second or third generations in the
country. Yesterday, we had a great lesson with a recent convert. She was
being bullied about being a Mormon and I found a video about kids her
age who were from New York and were also being bullied because of their church membership. But we just spoke with her and you could tell that a weight was lifted off her.
When we left she was smiling, so that was good. It’s hard because even
adults here will make fun of you if you’re Mormon. They don’t make fun
of you if you’re Church of England or Catholic–which most people here
are. It’s odd how sometimes the Atheists are kinder than Believers.
Although you run into some nasty Atheists too. But every now and then
you find someone that smiles back at you and says hi– then you know
that person is ready to hear the Gospel, even though we still try to
stop everyone on the street or the bus.

Always busy .

Love you to space and back a trillion times

From Elder Maughan


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