May 23, 2016

Mom and Dad,

This week was really eventful.  We have seen two people ready for
baptism that came out of nowhere, one was a man not of the Christian faith
who we stopped on the street. He didn’t know English very well so we
gave him a Book of Mormon in his language, and apparently  he read
fifty pages and two of those pages completely converted him to
Christianity.  We are going to try to find out what those two pages
The other man, Dave, is interested because he studied the Church with
missionaries years ago but when we stopped him on the street this time
he felt the Spirit really strongly and every time we teach he feels
the Spirit so he already knows it to be true.

So, transfers are coming up hopefully.  I don’t move so I can see them
baptized. But what ever the Lord wills.
The rest of the weeks was either finding more people to teach or
just teaching less-actives in the ward. The ward is growing which is
good, more less actives are coming again. All the people in England,
when they find out I am American ask about Donald Trump, and I just
have to shrug because I have no clue since we dont watch the news and
aren’t suppose to talk about politics. Im glad that I don’t have to
worry about that stuff.

I loved your emails this week.  Thanks again for sending them each week.

Love you to space and back five billion times,
from Elder Maughan


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