May 31, 2016


So, it was transfers week and they moved emailing to Tuesday and I
didn’t get transferred and my companion didn’t either. I love getting
your emails also I wouldn’t be able to feel right without them. I miss
you both.

Yes, we are finding many people to teach and they are so prepared.
Starting next week we will have a baptism every week if all goes to
plan. The Iranian man is 100% changed and converted.  I actually gave a
talk on how change of you through repentance leads to conversion and that
is what happened to this man.  He told someone that was interpreting for him
that he wish that he could speak better English so he could really
express how grateful he is to us.

I miss those four wheeling trips the most(we just went on a trip with family friends), I think because of the closeness of family.  It’s so true that family is the main source of
happiness and joy. Those trips were the best. I hope you have lots of

The weather has actually been very good here.  We have had probably a
week of sunny days or semi-sunny.  This summer is supposed to be the
hottest England has had in a while, or at least that’s what the weather
people predict.

I love you MOM and I Love you too Dad, more then I realized thank you

From Elder Maughan


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