June 29, 2015


Thank you for the great emails, I’ve had a good first week. I haven’t had any trouble talking to people about the gospel which is nice since that’s what I was worried about the most. My Trainer Companion is good, we are trying to learn this area. We were white washed in, which means neither of us have had this area before. It was hard the first few days because we didn’t even have a map. And the roads here are crazy.  When we finally got a map, the roads looked like scribbles going everywhere, not one straight road in this whole country. But we are doing a lot better now with navigation. We spent most of Sunday just going around trying to find our investigators. We don’t have a car or bike so we walk really fast and ride the bus and the train.
I have been getting more than enough to eat. The members here are good. We met the bishop and I bore my testimony this Sunday. There are probably 70 members here. They are nice. The member we had dinner with on Sunday was very open in talking with us. He told us everything about himself, literally, and his sarcasm–I had a hard time figuring out if he was being sarcastic or serious about some things because their accents are odd here.
Anyway, so far so good and after this email I’m going to go with my companion to learn the area and check out the city center ( or downtown) of Liverpool.
Till next letter,
Elder Maughan

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